Saturday, March 15, 2014

International Children's Festival Coming in May

I was recently invited to attend a preview of what the EQT Pittsburgh International Children's Festival is going to be this year. 
MAY 14-16, 2014
Let me tell you, it's going to be good! BIG change for this year: it's moving DOWNTOWN! It will be in the Cultural District and I think this is an exciting change. You will even have the chance to pre-pay for parking in a downtown garage to ensure your place and I'll be sharing other parking tips/options as it gets closer. 
Here is a general overview to get you prepared and planning. There are many free events, but tickets are on sale for performances now!
At the heart of the festival, you will discover amazing theater for young audiences!
In addition to theater, the Festival activities include:
  • 30+ FREE hands-on educational and cultural activities
  • A FREE outdoor community stage
  • Roving artists
  • Festival food
Groups are coming from all over the world to share their artistry, here are some of the events to anticipate:

  • Animals by El Retablo

An array of animals come to life, made of recycled materials & everyday objects.

  • Hands Up by Lejo

A cast of thousands in one pair of hands.

  • Invisi'BALL by Nadine Animato Theater Dance Company

An exhibit of soccer like you've never seen before!

  • Little Steps

The story of a small child in a big world.

  • Pinocchio 

My son & I got to see a preview of this show at the Byham this winter and it is really sweet and well done. Suggested for kids ages 5-10.

  • Temujin the Storyteller / Tales of Folklore & Fantasy

We got to hear Temujin tell a story and it is so good! Kids will definitely love his unique & gifted presentation.

Do you remember Exxopolis? This year will be a similar exhibit called Miracoco, can't wait! 
This colossal, inflatable structure uses natural light to create a world immersed in vibrant hues of color. Visitors experience a sense of wonder and tranquility while exploring its mesmerizing domes and tunnels.
Tickets for all events on sale here

Other exciting activities to watch for:

  • Pop-up LilyPad Park at Festival Central
  • Frog Stop Cultural District Scavenger Hunt
  • A giant sandbox
Frogs have become a big part of the festival! And the always funny, Mr. McFeely, will be there as well. 
During our preview, I was chatting with this sweet lady about the festival, only to find out that she is the amazing Maranne Welch, founder of the EQT Pittsburgh International Children's Festival. We certainly owe a big thank you to her!

So mark your calendars, it's going to be a great family weekend!

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