Sunday, June 25, 2017

Save Money with Jetty

Moving. Does anyone else start getting tremors just by thinking about moving? My husband and I have moved five times in our twelve years of marriage and I'm hopeful that we're staying pretty settled now. But you never know! As foster parents, we're always needing more space as our family size can grow and shrink at strange intervals. ☺

I was recently introduced to Jetty, an insurance company that can get you out of paying a security deposit and can act as a co-signor as well.

Jetty is a new kind of insurance company designed to help people in cities reach their goals faster by removing obstacles and risks. Our mission is to protect our customers against setbacks of all kinds, from fire and theft to wasted time and money.

Maybe you've found the perfect space to move, but you simply don't have the money for the deposit that they require. Enter: the Passport Deposit. This is basically a security replacement product. Jetty will help you manage a deposit with a security deposit bond. Jetty charges a one time nonrefundable fee of 18% to get you set up and covered. Then they'll pay the rest of your deposit to your landlord. (Keep in mind that you would still be responsible for damages during your rental time).

Swap the security deposit you might never see again with a smaller, one-time fee: just 18% of the deposit amount. It isn't a loan, but it is that easy.

So if the required security deposit was $1,000, you would pay Jetty $180 and be on your way to getting into your anticipated home. Sounds pretty sweet! Their website is extremely user friendly and you can get an insurance quote and pay premiums all online.

Maybe you already own your home, but are considering a rental property or doing AirBnB. Jetty is a great option to suggest to your renters! Jetty also offers AirBnB Host Protection for an extra charge in addition to your policy.

There can often be very high requirements to get a landlord to rent to you. You may need a credit score of 700 or higher. You may be required to make an annual salary of 35-40 times the rent. They may require a co-signor. There are many people who cannot rent in the neighborhood they desire because they can't fulfill these requirements. Maybe your mom, dad, aunt or uncle aren't able to help you as a co-signor. Jetty to the rescue once again! They will step up to be your guarantor through the purchase of a Passport Lease. Although it will cost more money up front, it may be what you need to get you into the perfect place!

So are you #ReadyToJetty? You can find more helpful information and see other people's experiences by searching the hashtag on Facebook or Twitter.

Jetty might be the company you've been waiting for to get you into the perfect home!

If you are renting, don't forget that renter's insurance. It's extremely affordable and will cover all your treasured possessions should the worst ever happen.

This post sponsored by Jetty. All opinions remain my own.