Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Sandcastle: Save $9.99 per ticket!

Sandcastle is another local favorite for us Pittsburghers! Whether you're planning a stay-cation, traveling through from out of town or simply looking for ways to cool off during the summer heat, Sandcastle is one of our favorite water destinations in the city. The location is amazing as it has been transformed from an old railroad yard, directly overlooking the Monongahela River. It's hard to believe you're in the middle of the city! 

Wet Willies is one of my kids favorite places. They love controlling 20,000 gallons of splashing fun, pulling ropes, twisting valves, and turning handles that unleash geysers, fountains and sprays!

There are two kids specific kids areas with shallow pools, including Wet Willie's Waterworks and the Tad Pool.  

But there are at least 4 areas with zero depth entry and life jackets are included for the wave pool. Man, my kids love the wave pool! 

Sandcastle offers 15 attractions, the Mon Tsunami Wave Pool, scenic Mushroom Pool, the relaxing lazy river, and two children’s area – all located on a boardwalk that is sure to make you feel like you are on vacation. For thrill seekers to mild riders to those that just want to relax, there is something for everyone! 

When you're ready just to hang out for a while, this unofficial "beach" offers some down time from the water fun!

Special Pgh Momtourage Offer

Tickets are only $23 when you purchase this special offer online! Children 3 and under are FREE. Junior (48" and under) and seniors (age 55+) are $22.99 at the gate (plus tax).
Save 9.99 per ticket. Tickets only $23 (not including tax and processing fee). 
Online offer only! Not Valid at the gate.

Purchase here

Thanks to Sandcastle for sponsoring this post. We can't wait to hit the water this summer!


Monday, May 23, 2016

Kennywood: Discounted Tickets For You!

It's that time of year to begin planning out your summer bucket list! If you're in Pittsburgh, no doubt the iconic Kennywood is on your list (or it should be!). 

Kennywood is America’s Finest Traditional Amusement Park. The Pittsburgh-area park offers a unique mix of classic rides and modern thrills, including six roller coasters, a 14-ride Kid-dieland, and several attractions that cannot be found anywhere else. Founded as a trolley park in 1898 and named a National Historic Landmark in 1987, Kennywood continues to provide unforgettable fun for all ages. Enjoy everything from tasty funnel cakes, Deep Fried Oreos to Kennywood’s world-famous Potato Patch fries!

This is one of my all-time favorite captures of my kiddos - serious thrill right there!

There are 14 Kiddieland rides and we have rarely had much of a line wait. Especially if you go on a weekday, chances are your kids will be able to get on rides very quickly. And all the parents said "HALLELUJAH!" :) :)

Why do they love "the whip" (my term!) so much? I'll never know, but it's one of their favorite rides!

NEW FOR 2016!
Over the last 80 years, few attractions have symbolized Kennywood quite like Noah’s Ark. Once a staple of amusement parks the world over, the only operational Noah’s Ark attraction remaining resides at Kennywood. Fresh off a major off season overhaul, guests will encounter dozens of animals, plus the twists, turns, jumps and jolts that classic funhouses are famous for!

It's fun to watch my kids get braver as they get older! This turtle roller coaster is the perfect stepping stone from Kiddieland to bigger rides. 

While they're not ready for these yet, there are certainly plenty of thrills for older kids/adults as well!

Who is ready for discounted tickets? 
DISCOUNT on Weekday Admission Tickets: $10 OFF
• Regular price: 43.99
• Discounted price: $33.99
DISCOUNT on Weekend Admission Tickets: $6 OFF
• Regular price: $43.99
• Discounted price: $37.99
*Applicable fees not included

Go here to snag your discounted tickets. Only available online.

Children two and under are FREE!

Tickets are good for any day during the regular 2016 operating season. Be sure to stay tuned to their website for inclement weather updates or private event closings.

Your Kennywood day might even elicit beautiful bonding moments between your kiddos.
Hashtag: all the heart eyes!

Thanks to Kennywood for sponsoring this post and providing family fun in Pittsburgh for over 100 years!


Friday, May 20, 2016

Idlewild + SoakZone: Discount Code

Idlewild + SoakZone is open for the summer! This amusement park has become one of our favorite family memories each summer. I love the variety of activities that Idlewild offers for kids and families, their park is perfectly geared towards ages 1-10. Included in the park is Raccoon Lagoon, Storybook Forest,  Jumpin' Jungle, SoakZone, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood + so much more!

Nestled within the foothills of the beautiful Laurel Highlands, just outside of Ligonier, PA, you’ll find Idlewild & SoakZone, named “Best Kids Park in the World” by Amusement Today, and “Best Park for Families” by the National Amusement Park Historical Association. Since 1878, the park has been providing smiles, laughter, and memories longer than almost every other amusement park in the United States. With 18 major rides, 14 kiddie rides, a large water park, shows, and unique attractions like Story Book Forest and Jumpin’ Jungle, Idlewild & SoakZone strikes the perfect balance between traditional and modern-day amusement. And the finest part of your visit is what you get to take home with you when you leave – distinctive family memories that will last a lifetime.

If you have a Daniel Tiger fan, they will be more than thrilled to hop on the Trolley and take a ride through the interactive Mister Rogers' Neighborhood! Be warned though, "Come along, come along, to the neighborhood Hug 'n Song" will get stuck in your head. :) 

Storybook Forest is a magical walk through favorite nursery rhymes and children's tales.

NEW FOR 2016:
Idlewild & SoakZone is celebrating the 60th Anniversary of Story Book Forest this summer by introducing a new Enchanted Castle! Guests visiting the castle will have the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Princess Lily and the loveable Duke the Dragon. In the castle courtyard, young and old, can try their hand at removing the famed sword in the stone, Excalibur. It is said that whosoever removeth the sword is destined for royalty! Mother Goose, Little Red Riding Hood, Captain Candy, and all the other residents of Story Book Forest are excited to welcome Princess Lily, Duke, and the new Enchanted Castle to the forest….and all of you too!

May 21 & 22: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
July 19 - 21: Garfield & Odie
June 14 -16: Maisy
July 26 - 28: Princesses in the Park
July 5 - 7: Caillou
August 2 - 4: Ella the Elephant
July 11 - 15: Daniel Tiger Neighbor
August 9 - 11: The Little Nutbrown Hare


At Jumpin' Jungle, you can scramble up the rope climb, cross the bridge, slide on a burlap sack, play in the ball pit or have fun with the air ball machines!

SoakZone is one of our favorite stops of the day! With Little Squirts play area, Captain Kidd's Adventure Galley, Wave Pool, Serpentine Slides, Tipping Bucket, Hydro Racers and more, there is something fun for all ages! 

Are you ready to plan your Idlewild + SoakZone trips for the summer? I've got a great coupon code to share with you to save money for your family! 

Discount tickets for Pgh Momtourage Readers, available to purchase May 21 through September 5, 2016. Tickets are good any day during the regular 2016 operating season.
DISCOUNT: Save up to $13.00 on 7 day advance day ticket purchase
• Gate price: $42.99
• Discounted price: $29.99
(Ticket valid beginning 7 days from date of purchase through September 5, 2016)
*Applicable taxes not included

Go HERE to snag this great offer! Only available online.
Children two and under are FREE.

Thanks to Idlewild for sponsoring this post!

#IdlewildPark  #IdlewildPA

Friday, May 6, 2016

A Guy’s Thoughts on Foster Care and Adopting Upstream

I've had many women tell me, I'd love to foster or adopt, but my husband isn't open to the idea. So I was thrilled when my husband sent me this article he had written. May is National Foster Care Awareness Month and this is the perfect time to post a dad's perspective. I hope it encourages other dads and husbands out there!

In Andrew's words.......

“If you’re here because you just want to adopt, you’re in the wrong place. We are not an adoption agency. We are a foster care agency.”

Those were the first words I recall hearing in our first foster parent training. I doubt they were communicated as abruptly as the way I just wrote them; but from my perspective, that’s what it sounded like. That is- a gentle nudge to move on if we were only there to adopt. And apparently that first talk did something since only 4 of the 12 people came back for the second class.

Now, granted, yes, we were there because our ultimate goal was to adopt, but we had come to the decision to pursue adoption by means of fostering kids first until one or two might become available for adoption. Getting to that point had been a process.

We had talked about adoption early on in our marriage and now, after having had 2 biological children, we felt compelled to move upon that unction.

During that journey, we had interacted with friends who had fostered children and adopted children through the foster system. As we evaluated all the options (local, foreign, fund-raising, etc.), foster care seemed, for us, to the most viable way to go about putting ourselves in a position to be able to adopt children from the local area where we lived.

A Man’s Influence on a Man
That leads me to the title of this article - “A Guy’s Perspective.” I don’t recall all the people we talked to and were influenced by over those years. My wife probably could name some people I’ve forgotten about. But there was one person that influenced me greatly as I talked to him and observed his life, Dan Lerro, a friend that pastors in Delaware. I didn’t think much of it then; but several years later, I realize how important it was to have another guy personally influencing me to get involved in this arena of orphancare.

Why? Well, my experience is limited, but most of the voices in foster and adoptive care seem to be women. Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely grateful for all the ladies standing up for the orphans of our world. And I know of a number of men who lead the way in these areas as well. But for the most part, the world of foster care and adoption is often filled with blog posts written by women, Facebook forums filled primarily with women, books written by women, support groups for women, adoption retreats for women, conference speakers who are women, social service positions filled with women, and initiatives and organizations run by women.

Again, that is not a statement against women at all. My own wife is one of those ladies doing most of those very things I just mentioned and I wouldn’t trade a thing in the world to have her continue flourish in doing it. But sometimes a guy needs another guy to talk to him.

My intention with this is thus to do one thing: offer a few lessons learned as a guy. If it helps some gals, great. But if it connects with at least one guy out there, even better.

Adopting Upstream
Circling back to our first day in foster parent training, we had quickly learned that seeking to adopt through foster care is what I call “adopting upstream.” That is, you are going against the current and purpose of foster care, which is reunification with the family. Reunification is a good thing. That's the way things are supposed to be. But foster care exists in the first place because of brokenness and sin in our world. And unfortunately, some things are never restored in time. So adoption exists because of brokenness.

But don’t glamorize adoption. The word itself sounds inspiring. The pictures look great. The version of stories most people hear sounds beautiful. And the right music video will make you want to give money towards it. But the brokenness that leads to adoption doesn’t magically disappear upon the act of adoption. The process of restoration has only begun and in fact, for the foster and adoptive parent, it is an immersion into new realities about your own brokenness.

I've not been at it that long compared to others or had it as “difficult” as others necessarily.
I haven't had a kid run away from my home. I've met those parents.
I haven't even had one cuss me out non-stop. I know those parents.
I haven’t had a kid smear poop on my wall every day. I know those parents too.
I haven’t had a kid try to beat up me or another. I’ve met those parents.
I’ve never had a kid try to literally kill me. I’ve know about those parents too.

If you’re waiting around for the perfect time, situation, circumstance, and child to get involved in foster care or adoption, then you’re getting into the wrong thing in the first place. The whole bit is messy. And if you’ve met a parent that doesn’t say it’s messy, they are likely either in denial or afraid to be honest with you.

It’s Not About My Needs
The single most common thing I’ve heard people say is, “I could never do what you do and foster a child, Andrew, because I just couldn’t handle having the child taken away.”

Now, I assume people don’t mean that they think I’m just a cold-hearted emotional Grinch, unaffected by “losing” a child. What they probably mean is that they feel weak and not strong enough to handle it...and for some reason they think I’m more emotionally resilient. Well, guess what? That’s not me. It’s important to note that neither foster parenting nor adoption is about how strong you and I are.

Let me state it this way: Don’t do it for you. Do it for the child. When your baseline question is whether you can handle the pain of loss, you have turned foster care and adoption inwards towards yourself. And that’s not the point.

Foster care and adoption (as it true with all parenting) is an outward-facing matter, for the concern and needs of the child. Their needs are far greater than our personal needs to feel a certain way. One of the key things I have realized is not to become entangled in the fear of losing a child but to become emboldened by the fear of what will happen to that child if someone doesn't take the risk to love them (even if for a short period of time).

Lest you think I’m implying the foster care and adoption are more supreme than biological parenting, let me be clear. No one (in their right mind) enters any type of parenting because they are looking to make their lives easier or simpler. Thus, biological, foster, and adoptive parenting are all selfless acts and all carry enormous risks. If you’re looking to meet your needs through any type of parenting, believe me, it will drive you to despair pretty quickly.

Foster and adoptive parents aren’t extraordinary. They are just extraordinarily normal. Just normal. There are other parents out there way more patient than me, with more experience than me, and with better housing accommodations than me. But you don’t need to be a Superman or Superwoman. Kids just need an average Joe or Jane who will take a risk.

Yes, it's not easy, but the risks are worth it.  That said, we haven't taken every risk presented to us. We've said both "yes" and "no" to situations and at times people have disagreed with us on those decisions. We plan and then we pray and then we leave our plans in God’s hands.

You Can’t Worry About Losing A Child
Before we became foster parents, I had this sense (and a false one really) that I was in control of my kids. I had them with me and no one would take them, right? They were mine.

I was brought to a new realization though, having had foster children who have sat at the edge of leaving forever. I came to a real sense of knowing children are a stewardship from God, whether foster, adopted, or biological. In fact, foster care has just reminded me of how much I'm not in control of anything in my parenting (or… in life period).

Losing a foster child isn’t the only parental “loss” that you’re going to face. You're going to let your kids go at some point anyway. In fact the moment they come out of the womb, you're in the process of slowly releasing these little humans to be self sufficient (and at some points trying to push them out the door if they are 25 and still living in your basement). And think about all the crazy things kids do every day, jumping, rolling, falling, fighting. It’s not like children are the most discerning when it comes to danger. One of the strongest arguments for the existence of God is the fact that every child doesn’t kill themselves somehow every day. When kids fall down the stairs, they pop back up and keep running. When I fall down them, I’m wondering if my life insurance policy is high enough as I’m bumping along.

We never really know the end result of a pregnancy, or if a baby will make it to full term, or make it through the delivery day, or be born free of mental or physical disabilities, or that we will outlive them, or that they will grow up to respect us and love us and not disown us….and the list potential of “losses” goes on and on. We’re not promised anything about our kids, ever.

So, I had to come to grips that I didn't just need to grow in my trust of God regarding adoption but that I needed to grow in my trust, period, as a parent. My fear of “losing” a foster child might really be a lack of trust in God more than anything else. I thought I was more in control than I was. That thought was scary to me and still is hard for me.  

Pity Won’t Get You Through
At the end of the day, losing kids or having kids leave may be the least of your worries in the foster and adoption process. From the outside, it seems like pity for the kids is what compels people to enter into the arena. And that may very well be part of the reasoning. But pity won’t get you through the process. A few weeks or days or maybe even minutes into a situation with children and the feeling of pity may have gone to the wayside quickly.

Loving Them Well
Your biggest struggle in the process probably won’t really be the kids. It will be you. Your heart. No, not your heart, as in a heart-attack (although that’s possible) or as in your broken-heart (although that’s likely), but rather your heart, as in your passions and desires that will war within you as you wage war with your own sin, pride, and brokenness. Getting what I want, when I want it, the way I want it has one common theme: “I.”

My wife says it this way: “The hardest part is not letting them go but loving them well.” Yes, that is truly the hardest part, not because the children are necessarily unlovely, but because of my unlovely heart. Overcoming my selfishness has been harder than anything else.

Don’t Try to Love Them the Same
When it comes to love, one of the questions you may have is whether you’ll be able to love them as much as your own biological kids. Here's the thing. You don't need to try to love them the same. You need to just love them as fully as you can for who they are.
You have to realize that you'll never really love everyone in life the same. I don’t love my wife like I love my parents. My love for my Dad has a different dynamic than my love for my Mom. My love for my two brothers is different because they are different people.
For instance, I can remember thinking, when my daughter was about to be born, that I wouldn’t be able to love her as much as the son we already had. That’s because I only had one child. I couldn’t fathom having another child and having to divert some of my love to another one. But it’s not about spreading out our love equally among people. It’s about loving the individuals God puts in our lives as fully and as freely as we can by His grace.
Don’t Wait Until You Feel Ready
Don’t wait until you feel ready. You’ll never feel ready.

Your feelings can’t be the determiner. Don’t wait until you feel like you can care for them. That may not come for a long time. You will have to act in faith at some point.

Faith means you won’t be able to figure everything else.
Faith means you can’t see and touch everything.
Faith means there’s risk involved.
And faith means you might feel uncomfortable.
But faith also means confidence in a a Savior who has everything figured out, can see and touch everything, is the best risk-manager around, and can provide all the comfort you’ll ever need.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

French Toast spring line + 15% off

Springtime is just the best! The tease of warmer temps encourage us to soak up every minute of sunshine. We breathe it in and stay outside as long as possible before the hot summer hits us

After school days now look something like this.....head to the backyard, play ball, trampoline, tire swing...all the energy burners!

FrenchToast.com recently sent us some springtime outfits for my kiddos to try. My kids are hard customers because they have a hard rule about their clothing: it must be COMFY. Gone are the days when mom gets to pick all their adorable outfits! Now, if clothes don't pass the comfy test.....forget about it!

Luckily, the French Toast outfits passed the test! You may have heard of French Toast because of the popularity of their school uniforms. If you need uniforms, they are a great resource! 
"You can buy cheaper clothes that don't last. You can pay twice the price and get half the product. Or...you can buy French Toast." - Tina (Mom from NJ)

They have also added a great line of play clothing for kids. It is cute, durable and comfy!

FrenchToast.com is having blow out clearance right now! Save 15% off their already deep discounts with code PGHMOMS. Get adorable leggings for a low as $2.55, dresses for under $5, graphic tees for less than $3 and much more! Go grab these steals while you still can! Don't forgot to use the coupon code PGHMOMS

Thank you, French Toast, for sponsoring this post! All opinions remain my own. 


Sunday, May 1, 2016

Mega Mother's Day Giveaway

May is here! We're celebrating sunshine, enjoying more time outside and, of course, celebrating MOMS. Being a mom is one of the sweetest joys you can experience. That first moment your child is placed into your arms is breathtaking. And then you get the joy of watching all their "firsts". But we also know it can be exhausting and overwhelming at times. Being a mom is a 24/7 job, there is no guarantee of a good night of sleep, no sick days, and those little crazies angels can even drive us batty! :)

So I've teamed up with several businesses here in the Pittsburgh area and we are working together to host an awesome giveaway for moms in the month of May! Most of these businesses are original and local to Pittsburgh and I am excited to share them with you.  I wish that I could pamper EVERY mom, but I hope for the 8 moms who win one of these fantastic prizes, it will be an extra lift of encouragement in their mama journey.

Here is a look at the awesome prizes:
Keep reading to find out more about the prizes from each business and how each of them are great Pittsburgh resources, then enter to win!

$100 gift card to IKEA
What's not to love about IKEA, right? Amazing eye-catching products at great prices, a kid's drop off play area, kids eat free Tuesdays  + more! My hubby and I have definitely taken advantage of dropping our kids at their fun Smaland and having some uninterrupted shopping time together.
Are you looking for a part-time job? Did you know IKEA is a great option for moms? If you work at least 20 hours you get paid vacation and sick days. There are also benefits to work nights and weekends and after 3 years, maternity leave is covered 100%!
IKEA is generously giving you the chance for a $100 shopping spree....I'm sure you'll have a hard time choosing what to buy! This rug is one of our favorite IKEA purchases.

$100 Visa Gift card from THE MOTHERHOOD
The Motherhood is an award-winning social media manager which provides moms with a lot of vital information. I was thrilled that they wanted to be a part of the giveaway to one lucky mom and a Visa gift card means you get to plan your own shopping excursion!
The Motherhood recognizes, values and celebrates the strength of moms and all of the ways they make the world a better place, so we'd love to contribute a $100 Visa gift card.

$50 Gift Card to Convive Coffee Roastery
I love local coffee shops and was recently excited to visit a new one in McCandless Crossing. I was so surprised to see that they had a kid's play area! The owners, who are parents of 3, obviously know that this is a perfect fit for moms who want to grab coffee together. They are also known for their "pay-it-forward" board when you never know if you might score a free drink! Best of all, you can leave one for someone else. And hey, it sits next to a cupcake shop which makes it even more worth the trip! :)
Founded early 2013, Convive Coffee Roastery is a continuing journey for great coffee.  Our roastmaster is Ryland Weber, with a passion for coffee and community.  He has been involved in the specialty coffee industry for around ten years.  Almost half of that time has been with a roaster at hand, and a espresso machine, french press, vacuum pot, or other coffee brewing device at the other hand.  We find the best coffees from respectable and accountable importers, roast them many ways to find what you might like best, and then deliver it fresh.  
Located in the McCandless Crossing outdoor mall at 751 Providence Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

A Year of Massages from Esspa Salon + daily Blow Out winners
I have enjoyed each and every opportunity that I have visited Esspa Kozmetika! Esspa is a Hungarian Skincare & Salon and they know how to pamper your skin and body in an amazing way! I always start feeling relaxed the minute I walk through their door. Whether you are experiencing one their incredible Hungarian Facials with owner Eva Kerschbaumer (I highly recommend!), booking a massage (maternity, couples or hot stone) , or enjoying a mani-pedi as we ready for our summer season, you won't be disappointed. They have also recently added an eDry Blow Dry Bar which is known for giving you the cleanest, healthiest hair in a beautiful style. 

Esspa will be choosing their winners, so here is how to enter the Esspa giveaway: text the word LADY to 77948. EVERY day one person will be chosen to win a Free Blow Out at eDryBar.com! At the end of our contest, one winner will win a Year of Massages (1 x 30 minute massage per month for 12 months) and one winner will win a Year of Blow Outs (1 x eDry Blow Out per month for 12 months at eDry Blow Dry Bar). Send your text right now! :) 

Weekend in Lawrenceville package (valued at $200!)
If you've been around Pittsburgh for a while, you've seen Lawrenceville blossom into a thriving, happening neighborhood! Lawrenceville is celebrating Mother’s Day in an unconventional way for an entire weekend. From May 6th - 8th, families of all ages are invited to shop, eat, peruse and simply absorb all that Lawrenceville has to offer, as well as take advantage of many different specials available at local businesses from 34th Street to 54th Street, all in honor of mom. You can indulge in activities at Shining Light Prenatal Education, Metamorphosis Organic Salon, Spa and Wellness, The Allegheny Wine Mixer, Pageboy, or both Paint Monkey and Franktuary offering “mom-osas” for 21+ year olds that enroll in a class. Perhaps treat mom to a tour at the Clemente Museum, which offers free entry to moms and a complimentary flight of wine, or gather around a table of delish dishes at spots like Dive Bar & Grille or Senti. This pampering process is presented by the Lawrenceville Corporation, which has launched a brand new website this year and crafted a dedicated page for Mother’s Day at lvpgh.com/mom. If you win our Lawrenceville package, you will enjoy:

1. City Grows Tote Bag
2. Pino’s Palett Wine Glass, Pino's Palett Gift Card ($35), Pino's Palett Paintbrush Pen
3. Franktuary Gift Card ($20)
4. Pair Bead Bazaar earrings
5. Designer Decorating Book Donated by T’s Upholstery
6. Cutitta Chiropractic Relaxation Package  (includes 1 Massage Therapy Gift Certificate for a FREE 30 minute massage, 1 Free ice pack, 1 Free TOAST product -  "Freezin' Cold", 5 Free Consultation Gift Packs for you and your friends (1 Free chiropractic consultation & report of findings)

But whether  you win this sweet package or not, be sure to consider heading to Lawrenceville for some pampering on Mother's Day weekend! 

$50 Flower Delivery from Jim Ludwig's Blumengarten Florist
What says "Happy Mother's Day" better than beautiful flowers, right? Blumergarten Florist has been a locally owned Pittsburgh fixture for over 90 years! I love having a gorgeous bouquet in my house as they add such a great touch of freshness to a home. Blumengarten Florist is generously donating a fresh bouquet directly to one mama's door! And even if you aren't a winner for this bouquet, you might share with your hubby about this fantastic resource known for their beautiful arrangements, excellent customer service, and of course, a local business to support!
Jim Ludwig’s Blumengarten is your local full-service Pittsburgh florist, serving the greater Pittsburgh area with the finest in flowers and plants. Centrally located in the Strip District, we deliver to 89 zip codes, covering much of Allegheny County. A family-owned florist since 1929, we specialize in flowers and floral arrangements, green and blooming plants, balloon bouquets and gourmet fruit and gift baskets. You can trust us to offer quality and value in all that we do.

Free shirt from Version Two Apparel
Sometimes you need just the right shirt to make you smile and keep you motivated! Version Two Apparel has a line of fun shirts for moms, dads & kids. They have offered to give one mama a free shirt of her choice! 
Version Two Apparel provides motivational, funny, and cute workout tank tops and tshirts. We want to help inspire and motivate you no matter where you are in your fitness journey, whether you are a newbie to the gym scene, a mom trying to get her pre-baby body back, someone who lifts weights like a boss, a Crossfit junkie, a mud run fanatic, or a lover of running! Looking for a custom design? Just contact us! We can turn your idea into a unique, fun piece of workout clothing. We are a local husband and wife team that is excited about health and wellness! The idea for Version Two Apparel began after having our second child when we decided to get serious about our health. It is our goal to INSPIRE you to get serious about working on yourself so that you can find your version two, the best version of yourself!

$20 Gift Card to Chocolate Moonshine Bars
I was recently at Ross Park Mall and my feet just couldn't walk past this delectable chocolate shop! Their Artisan Bars and fudge selections are incredible! With flavor choices such as sea salt caramel, dark expresso, mojito, wild strawberry, smoked whiskey, decadent dark + so many more, it is hard to narrow your choices. Luckily, they are very generous with their samples! They are only in Ross Park Mall through the end of June, so if you're in that area, be sure to stop by and check them out. You'll still be able to order from them online and you can follow their facebook page for their new pop-up location. 
The Chocolate Moonshine Company has been hand crafting premium fudge and choclate since 1983. We have been a leader in the confectionery industry and developed the original Gourmet Artisan Bars. We have an all natural, low sugar line of Chocolate Moonshine Bars, toffees, fudge and chocolates. We prepare our recipes from scratch using the freshest cream and butter from select local creameries. We select all natural ingredients that are not overly processes and as close to nature as we can find. Fresh fruits, pure can sugar, imported Belgian Chocolates, Tahitian and Madagascar vanillas are gently blended in 50 pound batches using Vermont maple-wood paddles and stirred in copper kettles over an open flame. Our dedication to quality ingredients and small batch production helps us create our award-winning confections. 

Thank you to each of these local businesses who are participating in pampering our moms in May! Don't forget you need to text the number above to enter the Esspa package. But to enter to win one of these other fantastic prizes, click on the link below! The first 5 questions are mandatory to answer in order to be qualified to win. The rest are optional additional entries! 

Yes, my hands are full, but my heart is fuller. I'm thankful for how my kiddos have changed my life, my perspective, my ambitions and my desires. What a gift to watch each of them grow and change each year. Even if I'm already dreading that my oldest turns 18 in eleven years. :-0
I hope each of you mamas will be loved and celebrated in your role as a mom during this month of May!