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The Pgh Momtourage was started by me (Kelly Hughes) as a group of Pittsburgh moms who love to connect with other moms (& dads), sharing in our experiences - and the craziness - of parenthood and enjoying our city together. We plan regular playdates & hope you will join us! We do playdates twice a month at venues all around the city. Check out our extensive playdate list here! We do not have a formal joining process (which means no fees!). If you are interested in coming to our playdates, email me at pghmoms@live.com. I will add you to our mailing list and send you the info. If you have questions, suggestions, playdate ideas or want to share an event that you've found in our area, I'd also love to hear from you!
Even if you can't join us for playdates, the Pgh Momtourage has also grown into an online community for families sharing info, events, amazing products, tips & laughs. You'll find info here on our blog, on our facebook page, & through twitter about family friendly venues, events, products, and great deals. Contact me for advertising opportunities, promotions, or any with questions you might have - pghmoms@live.com.
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 I am happily married to my favorite guy who works full-time for our church, Three Rivers Grace Church. We were both music majors in college and enjoy being a part of our church music team. In my former life (you know, the life you somewhat remember having before kids?) I was a full-time piano & music teacher. We have 2 kiddos who we adore and always keep us on our toes. :) We are also a certified foster family and have fostered 7 kids in 3 separate siblings groups. THIS is a huge undertaking, but I am more than happy to share our experience with anyone that might be interested in caring for kids in this way. I share some of our experiences here. 
We love city life and are very grateful for the opportunities to enjoy everything Pittsburgh has to offer!