Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cash Back on Diapers!

If you have little ones in diapers, then you might love this deal! Through the end of 2010, and are offering up 30% cash back on your diaper purchases!
Here’s how it works…
* Head over to or (both sites are eligible for this promo)
* Add any amount of diapers to your cart (orders over $49 also snag FREE shipping)
* Enter the code 30AFF at checkout
* You’ll earn 30% cash back starting with this order and other orders through the end of 2010!
* Cash back credits are applied to diaper purchases after discounts (i.e. if you buy a case of diapers for $42.99 and use a $5 coupon, you will earn 30% cash back on $37.99).

The cash back credits will be placed in your account within 10 days of purchase. Credits are valid for 60 days and will be automatically applied to your next purchase on or To see your credit balance go to the My Account section of the site. Also, keep in mind that you can only earn cash back on a maximum of $300 in diaper purchases. This cash back offer may not be combined with any other offers. Cloth diapers do NOT qualify for cash back credits (except gDiapers which do qualify).

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Giving Back with Candy!!

What do you and your kids do with all that Halloween candy that you collect on October 31st? Do you have a big bowl in the kitchen where all the candy is collected and then up for grabs? Do you stash the candy in a secret place and then allow each of your kids to have one piece each day? Well, if you want to do something different with all that Halloween candy this year, consider participating in the Halloween Candy Buy Back.
Here's how it works…
* Participating dentists buy back kids’ unopened Halloween candy for $1 per pound at a scheduled event (click here to find an event near you)
* Dentists send the candy to Operation Gratitude or other Military support groups
* Operation Gratitude sends the candy to U.S. Military deployed in harm’s way

What a great idea! Let me know if you end up participating!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Clothing & Toy Swap!

The first semi-annual Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library KidStuff Toy and Clothing Swap is happening on
October 20 from 5-9 pm.
This is a fun opportunity to clean out those closets and toy chests. Come early if you need to bring your kids (they can play in the play space while you shop) or come later without them for grownup socializing and leisurely browsing.
To participate, please collect toys and clothes that are still in good shape but ready to find a new home and put them in reusable or paper grocery bags. Label the bags with your name and bring them in to the Toy Library by October 19 during operating hours (until 2:30 pm). When you come in, you’ll need to pay the entrance fee and receive a receipt to participate. Bring your receipt on October 20 and we’ll give back your bags so that you can fill them up with clothes and toys you want to take home.

Date: October 20
Time: 5-9 pm
Place: Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library (5401 Centre Avenue, in the basement of the First United Methodist Church)
Entrance Fee: $5 for volunteer members, $7 for non-volunteer members, $10 for non-members

So bring in those clothes that don’t fit and toys that your kids never got excited about. You are sure to find something great at the swap and hang out with other thrifty parents. Don’t forget the chance to swap last year’s Halloween costumes! Any questions, or if you would like to help with this event, please email Olivia Wells at
Learn more about the PTLL at!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Candy Stash!

So, I just got back from Rite Aid where I got the following bags of candy for FREE. Absolutely free!! I am now ready for Halloween (& maybe a little bribery for potty-training, wink*wink)

So, it does take 2 seconds of planning, but I think it's totally worth it!
You also must have a Wellness Card and be SURE they scan it before ringing up any item or the rewards won't come through. If you don't have a card, sign-up is quick, easy, & free.

Rite Aid has the following candies on sale 2 for $5.
* Skittles 14 oz
* Swedish Fish 14 oz
* Cow Tail Minis 10 oz
* Starburst 14oz
* Jolly Ranchers 14oz
* Caramel Cremes 12 oz
* Sour Patch Kids 14 oz
* Jolly Rancher Pops 10 oz
* Charms Blow Pops 10.4 oz or 11.4 oz
* Dum Dum Pops 11.4 oz
* Lifesaver Mints Wint o Green 13 oz

However, after you purchase, 3 extras will print on your receipt - a $1 reward and two $2 rewards. These are the same as cash!

So here's how it works: buy 2 bags. Pay $5, your $5 rewards will print. Use these to purchase the next 2 bags, then use those rewards to purchase the next 2 bags, etc....The rewards will only print for up to 12 bags. So you would have to ring up 6 orders, but hopefully, like me, you'll have a very nice cashier who is thrilled at the deal you are getting. :) So, you will pay $5 up front, but at the end, you end up with $5 in rewards left over and you can use those to purchase whatever, more candy if you have lots of trick-or-treaters!
I found the bags that I got, not by the Halloween candy, but further back where their regular candy section is. Be sure to look for those that have a sign that say 2/$5.
I believe this sale will only be through Saturday (Oct. 9th), so grab it before it's gone.

Hope you're able to score lots of free candy too!
Now I just have to make sure the pregnant momma in my house doesn't eat it all. (That's me!!)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lucky winner #7!!

Congrats to Monica McElwain who was our big winner for the Seventh Generation Give-A-Way!!!

Her comment was I really like the diapers, they are soft and clean looking, with no crazy pictures on them! I have also used some cleaning agents, and it just feels GOOD using the product.

True Random Number Generator
Result: 7

Congrats on the great package full of great products coming to your home!!