Thursday, April 28, 2016

Giveaway: Swimming lessons with British Swim School

If you follow our facebook page, you may have seen over the past few months as I've been sharing pictures from my kids recent swimming lessons. I was recently introduced to British Swim School and was intrigued to learn more about their programs. One of the first reasons BSS caught my attention was their immediate focus on water safety and survival.

British Swim School teaches water safety survival skills to children as young as three months old. The back float is considered the most important water survival skill, as it enables swimmers to rest, breathe and call for help, alleviating the “silent” danger of floating face down. Drowning is the leading cause of death in children under five. Go here for more safe swimming tips. 

My four kids started lessons in January. They were given a swim cap for their class level and they were ready to go! 

They began with learning how to float on their back. The first strategy of British Swim School is to teach kids if they were to fall into the water anywhere, that they would be able to roll to their back and float. This would also allow them to call for help. I love that first focus! Their instructor, Ryan Grindle, has been fantastic!

Another aspect that I (and my kids!) greatly appreciate about BSS is that all their lessons are done at indoor, heated pools. If your kids have ever taken outdoor lessons in Pittsburgh, you might have found that your kids end up freezing half the time which makes it difficult for them to concentrate. We did a short session of outdoor lessons last summer and I felt like my kids didn't learn very much simply because they were so distracted by the cold and didn't really want to be in the water. They have excelled much more quickly in the warm pools!

Although three out of four of our kids love the water, we have one that feels very uncomfortable in swimming situations. There were definitely quite a few tears in the first two sessions (as we've seen from a few other kids in the pool as well), but since lesson #3, he has grown more and more confident.  The instructors are great with helping kids get over that fear. Now he isn't even afraid to jump off the side of the pool to the instructor!

Speaking of jumping, I love that one of the first things they learned to do was jump in the water and hold their breath without plugging their nose! 

Once they can jump off the side into the pool, roll over and float on their backs, they are ready to graduate to the next swim cap color!

Now they are focusing more on swimming face down in the water as well as learning the back stroke. 

Swim groups are kept small, so there is a great teacher-to-student ratio!

And it's not all work and no play! At the end of each lesson, they get a short free play swim time. 

British Swim School is offering lessons all around the Pittsburgh region! Go here to locate your nearest location. 

I am also thrilled to give one of you a chance to experience British Swim School for free! They have generously offered a great giveaway! EIGHT free lessons as well as a basket full of swim goodies!

Prize package includes:

* Twice a week lesson for four consecutive weeks 
   No make-up's - New customers only! 
*  Basket includes:  Swim towel, Goggles, Swim Ring, Waterwatcher, Water toy, 
   Drawstring bag and beach ball.  Valued at $250.00!

Click "Enter the Giveaway" to be entered to win.

--> But here is another cool freebie for everyone! If you sign up for lessons through BSS, mention "Momtourage" to get FREE registration. 

We're thrilled with their progress and my kids are safer swimmers through our lessons with British Swim School! We hope you will choose them as well! 

This post sponsored by British Swim School. We were given lessons in exchange for my review. All opinions remain my own as I don't endorse venues that I don't love! 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Little Shoes Gives Back With Naot

I'm guessing that you love these summer-like days we've been having in Pittsburgh as much as I do! And what is one of the best things about summer? Sandals, of course! As a mom to four, I am singing HALLELUJAH when we can walk out the door in the time it takes everyone to slip on sandals instead of the sock-finding, the shoe-tying, the general shoe chaos!!! :) But if you're also like me, as you get older, comfort of shoes gets more and more important. You realize after spending a day in flip flops that your feet don't love you for that choice! But I'm also not ready (yet) to totally throw fashion out the window, so my summer mission always becomes finding sandals that are comfortable, supportive for my feet, and not totally u-g-l-y! 

I was very excited to be introduced to Naot Shoes for several reasons. 
#1: comfort
Our uniquely engineered insoles are a blend of natural latex and cork that are designed to replicate the shape of the foot, just like the footprint we leave when walking the sand. Yes!
#2: Style choices 
With hundreds of shoes from which to choose, I can definitely find a pair that fits my style. 
#3: Giving back
This weekend they are hosting a #NaotGivesBack event at Little Shoes in Squirrel Hill. They shared, "This event allows us to combine two things that we love, fashion and helping those in need. Everyone invited to attend the event will be able to contribute to the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry just by simply trying on shoes. Try on a pair of Naots, we will donate a pair to those in need. If you buy a pair, we will donate two pairs. It's fashion for a cause!"

I'd like to invite you to stop by Little Shoes during their 3-day event this weekend! Simply by trying on a pair of shoes you can give back to our community!

The mission of the Squirrel Hill Community Food Pantry is to end food poverty in their community by addressing the immediate food needs of those who are struggling with hunger and giving Food Pantry clients the help and support they need to address the underlying cause of their food insecurity. 

Naot Gives Back Event Details

Littles Shoes, 5850 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15217
April 21 and 22 from 9:30 AM – 9:00 PM and April 23 from noon – 5:00 PM

I'm excited to try out their sandals, but even more thrilled that we can all support these donations simply by stopping at Little Shoes this weekend and trying on a pair of Naots! It really doesn't get any easier than that, does it? The more the merrier, so grab a friend to tag along as well. This section of Forbes Ave. is lined with great places to eat, ice cream shops and a Carnegie Library location, so it's a great place to meet up!
You can share your favorite pair on social media with #NaotGivesBack. 
What number is YOUR favorite?

Thanks to Naot Footwear for sponsoring this post. I was given products in exchange for my review. All opinions remain my own as I don't endorse products that I don't love!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Giveaway: Pre-Sale Passes to JBF Consignment Sale

It's one of my favorite times of year......consignment sale season! If you haven't been to the Just Between Friends Consignment sale, it's time to check it out. I have found amazing deals on a wide variety of items that have benefited our family. Some of my favorite purchases include kids bikes, Hunter rain boots, outdoor play equipment, toys for Christmas gifts, books, and of course, clothing! I love how I've been able to find items in great condition for my kids, but at less than half price for what you would pay brand new.


RMU Island Sports Center, Neville Island

7600 Grand Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA  15225

The Just Between Friends Sale Pittsburgh North is Pittsburgh's leading children's and maternity consignment sale event and we want you to join us! Come be a part of the sale voted BEST Consignment Sale in Pittsburgh for 2013!   JBF is your one-stop-shop to buy and sell new & gently-used clothing, toys, baby gear & equipment, furniture, and so much more!  It just keeps getting bigger and better!

The shopping hours & restrictions vary, so read the following info carefully! 

Thursday, April 28th
9am-9pm- Pre-Sale Shopping!
9 am: Consignor + Guest Pre-Sale (No children or strollers permitted)
10am:  Prime Time Public Shopping ($10 per person.  Purchase tickets here. (No children or strollers permitted)
1pm:  First Time Parents/Grandparents/Foster & Adoptive Parents Pre-Sale (No children or strollers permitted) Reserve your presale pass here.
3pm:  Military Family & Teacher Pre-Sale (No children or strollers permitted) Reserve your Teacher presale pass here Reserve your Military Family presale pass here.
6pm: *Children & Strollers ARE Permitted beginning at 6pm
9 pm:  Sale Closes

Friday, April 29th
9am-8pm: Sale Opens to the Public! 
$3 admission fee all day
Get your FREE ADMISSION pass here!

Saturday, April 30th
9am-5pm: Public Sale & NEW Merchandise!  
Admission is FREE!
Sunday, May 1st
9am-5pm: 50% OFF Public Sale! 
MANY items 50% and admission is FREE!  

I have found that it is definitely an advantage to be one of the first shoppers and that is why I am thrilled to be working directly with JBF event organizer, Kelly Robie, and able to offer 2 lucky winners a pre-sale shopping pass...and you'll get one for a friend as well! This shopping pass will give you free admission to the Thursday pre-sale opening from 9am-9pm. (Please keep in mind that children and strollers are not permitted until 6pm that day.) Don't forget that a blog comment is required as an entry. Enter at link below. 

This post sponsored by JBF Pittsburgh. All opinions remain my own as I don't endorse venues that I don't love!  

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Giveaway: We're swimming in Hanna Andersson

A few weeks ago, we headed to the East Coast during our kid's spring break. Although it certainly wasn't warm enough to swim, my kids were just as happy to play and run in the sand. We were generously given new swim wear by Hanna Andersson and it was the perfect opportunity to test them out!

We swim a lot in the summer and so I always look for swim gear that will hold up to a lot of wear. All of our Hanna Andersson products have held up well through many washings.  I'm also a big fan of rash guards for sun protection. We go through a lot of sunscreen with 4 kiddos, so rash guards help save in the sunscreen budget! 

As soon as I saw this suit, I knew it would be perfect for my Mya girl. She looks so radiant in yellow!

My girls do not like how one pieces pull and tug (I don't blame 'em!) and so they prefer something in two pieces. (Also makes for easier bathroom runs!)  But I also want my girls to have good coverage. Hanna Andersson has so many adorable options for two pieces, there is a ton of variety!

The second day they braved touching the chilly water!

We were staying with some friends who live on a fairly private beach. My kids had the best time running and playing in the sand with no hindrances! 

We didn't bring beach toys with us since we'd only be there a few days, but sticks, solo cups and plastic bowls are all kids need for their imaginations to be in full force!

For anyone looking for a protective swim cap, check out this cute option (there's a matching suit as well!)

For those of you in Pittsburgh, we are lucky enough to have our own newly opened Hanna Andersson store at the Ross Park Mall! Have you checked it out? We have loved the quality of our Hanna Andersson wear. Each piece is super soft and has comfy seams so that kids love to wear it!

We love the new suits and I am thrilled to pass on the special gift of a new Hanna Andersson swim suit to a lucky winner! Enter below for your chance to win.  


I was given products in exchange for my review. All opinions remain my own as I don't endorse products that I don't love!