Sunday, June 25, 2017

Save Money with Jetty

Moving. Does anyone else start getting tremors just by thinking about moving? My husband and I have moved five times in our twelve years of marriage and I'm hopeful that we're staying pretty settled now. But you never know! As foster parents, we're always needing more space as our family size can grow and shrink at strange intervals. ☺

I was recently introduced to Jetty, an insurance company that can get you out of paying a security deposit and can act as a co-signor as well.

Jetty is a new kind of insurance company designed to help people in cities reach their goals faster by removing obstacles and risks. Our mission is to protect our customers against setbacks of all kinds, from fire and theft to wasted time and money.

Maybe you've found the perfect space to move, but you simply don't have the money for the deposit that they require. Enter: the Passport Deposit. This is basically a security replacement product. Jetty will help you manage a deposit with a security deposit bond. Jetty charges a one time nonrefundable fee of 18% to get you set up and covered. Then they'll pay the rest of your deposit to your landlord. (Keep in mind that you would still be responsible for damages during your rental time).

Swap the security deposit you might never see again with a smaller, one-time fee: just 18% of the deposit amount. It isn't a loan, but it is that easy.

So if the required security deposit was $1,000, you would pay Jetty $180 and be on your way to getting into your anticipated home. Sounds pretty sweet! Their website is extremely user friendly and you can get an insurance quote and pay premiums all online.

Maybe you already own your home, but are considering a rental property or doing AirBnB. Jetty is a great option to suggest to your renters! Jetty also offers AirBnB Host Protection for an extra charge in addition to your policy.

There can often be very high requirements to get a landlord to rent to you. You may need a credit score of 700 or higher. You may be required to make an annual salary of 35-40 times the rent. They may require a co-signor. There are many people who cannot rent in the neighborhood they desire because they can't fulfill these requirements. Maybe your mom, dad, aunt or uncle aren't able to help you as a co-signor. Jetty to the rescue once again! They will step up to be your guarantor through the purchase of a Passport Lease. Although it will cost more money up front, it may be what you need to get you into the perfect place!

So are you #ReadyToJetty? You can find more helpful information and see other people's experiences by searching the hashtag on Facebook or Twitter.

This might be the company you've been waiting for to get you into the perfect home!

If you are renting, don't forget that renter's insurance. It's extremely affordable and will cover all your treasured possessions should the worst ever happen.

This post sponsored by Jetty. All opinions remain my own. 

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Kennywood: Discounted tickets for you!

Did you know that one of the ways you can track your kids growth is by visiting amusement parks each summer?

Our family has enjoyed attending Kennywood each summer for the past few years. When we started, we went directly to Kiddieland and they rode to their hearts content! Now that our kids are more in the 5-8yo range, we've started being able to enjoy more of the park as our kids get taller and more adventurous. We've watched their heights creep up each year and seen big smiles explode across their face when they are declared tall enough for some of the "big kid" rides. 

Kennywood is America’s Finest Traditional Amusement Park. The Pittsburgh-area park offers a unique mix of classic rides and modern thrills, including six roller coasters, a 14-ride Kiddieland, and several attractions that cannot be found anywhere else. Founded as a trolley park in 1898 and named a National Historic Landmark in 1987, Kennywood continues to provide unforgettable fun for all ages. Enjoy everything from tasty funnel cakes, Deep Fried Oreos to Kennywood’s world-famous Potato Patch fries!

There are 14 Kiddieland rides and we have rarely had much of a line wait. Especially if you go on a weekday, chances are your kids will be able to get on rides very quickly. And all the parents said "HALLELUJAH!" :) :)

Why do they love "the whip" (my term!) so much? I'll never know, but it's one of their favorite rides!

Noah's Ark is an interesting attraction! It's a little bit like a haunted house, so you may want to know that if you have young kids. My kids weren't sure about it going into it (we also didn't know what to expect), but then they did want to do it again! It's a walk through attraction. Guests will encounter dozens of animals, plus the twists, turns, jumps and jolts that you would expect in a classic funhouses.

This turtle roller coaster is the perfect stepping stone from Kiddieland to bigger rides. 

While my kids haven't been ready to brave the biggest rides yet, there are certainly plenty of thrills for older kids/adults as well!

Who is ready for discounted tickets? 
DISCOUNT on Weekday Admission Tickets: $10 OFF a weekday ticket and $13 OFF a weekend ticket!
• Regular price: $44.99 / $47.99
• Discounted price: $34.99

Go here to snag your discounted tickets. Only available online.

Children two and under are FREE!

Tickets are good for any day during the regular 2017 operating season. Be sure to check their website for inclement weather updates or private event closings. Not good for Phantom Night tickets. Expires September 17, 2017.

Thanks to Kennywood for sponsoring this post and providing family fun in Pittsburgh for over 100 years!


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Idlewild + SoakZone: $13 off tickets!

Idlewild + SoakZone  has become one of our favorite family traditions each summer. I love the variety of activities that Idlewild offers for kids and families and I especially love heading to an amusement park in the summer where a waterpark is included. It is a bit of a drive from the city of Pittsburgh, but so worth it! If you have kids, ages 1-10, Idlewild should definitely be on your summer bucket list. Features of the park include Raccoon Lagoon, Storybook Forest,  Jumpin' Jungle, SoakZone, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood + so much more!

Idlewild & SoakZone is open for limited operation on Memorial Day weekend (May 27, 28, 29) with daily operations beginning Friday, June 2!

Memorial Day Weekend- Military Discount  
Head to Idlewild for Memorial Day Weekend and see Civil War re-enactors present artillery demonstrations and mock skirmishes. Tour an authentic Civil War encampment to see how a soldier lived during the 1860s. 
Military Discount Days – all weekend long! Active-duty, retired, & veteran military personnel (and up to 3 immediate family members) will receive free admission to Idlewild & SoakZone (May 27, 28, & 29) when they show valid Military ID/Military Family/Veteran ID.

Nestled within the foothills of the beautiful Laurel Highlands, just outside of Ligonier, PA, you’ll find Idlewild & SoakZone, named “Best Kids Park in the World” by Amusement Today, and “Best Park for Families” by the National Amusement Park Historical Association. Since 1878, the park has been providing smiles, laughter, and memories longer than almost every other amusement park in the United States. With 18 major rides, 14 kiddie rides, a large water park, shows, and unique attractions like Story Book Forest and Jumpin’ Jungle, Idlewild & SoakZone strikes the perfect balance between traditional and modern-day amusement. And the finest part of your visit is what you get to take home with you when you leave – distinctive family memories that will last a lifetime.

If you have a Daniel Tiger fan, they will be more than thrilled to hop on the Trolley and take a ride through the interactive Mister Rogers' Neighborhood! Be warned though, "Come along, come along, to the neighborhood Hug 'n Song" will get stuck in your head. :) 

You also might want to check out the Daniel Tiger Eat & Greet! Daniel Tiger and Katerina Kittycat host a fun-filled pizza party. Greet and take photos with Daniel & Katerina as you enjoy a yummy dinner which includes Pizza, breadsticks, salad, fruit bowl, and beverages. This will happen on Select Friday & Saturdays during the Operating Season at 7pm. 
Location: Boardwalk Pizza Restaurant
Price Age 10+: $21.99

Price Age 2 - 9: $15.99 

Your little ladies also might love joining the Princess Lily Tea Party! 
Enjoy a Tea Party with Princess Lily and a small group of other guests within the Enchanted Castle courtyard. Each attendee receives a Princess Lily boxed set including plastic tea cup, cookie, and fruit cup. Iced Tea or water options will be served for tea party. Adults can watch tea party in close proximity within the Castle courtyard, or if younger children need adult assistance to participate, the adult will also pay Tea Party admission and will receive the same Princess Lily boxed set. Princess Lily Tea Party is $14.99* for ages 2 and up (*plus applicable taxes). The event takes place two times daily at scheduled times on most operating days. Please arrive to the Enchanted Castle 15 minutes before your selected Tea Party event time. Each Tea Party event lasts approximately 15 - 20 minutes and are weather permitting. Space is limited per event. 
Date: Most Park Operating Days
Time: 2:00 and 4:00 PM
Location:The Enchanted Castle

Storybook Forest is a magical walk through favorite nursery rhymes and children's tales. Travel a winding path through a real forest and introduce your kids to Goldilocks, Mother Goose, The 3 Little Pigs and much more!


At Jumpin' Jungle, you can scramble up the rope climb, cross the bridge, slide on a burlap sack, play in the ball pit or have fun with the air ball machines!

SoakZone is one of our favorite stops on hot days. With Little Squirts play area, Captain Kidd's Adventure Galley, Wave Pool, Serpentine Slides, Tipping Bucket, Hydro Racers and more, there is something fun for all ages! 

Are you ready to plan your Idlewild + SoakZone trips for the summer? I've got a great coupon code to share with you to save money for your family! 

Discount tickets for Pgh Momtourage Readers are available to purchase May 15 through September 4, 2017. Tickets are good any day during the regular 2017 operating season.
DISCOUNT: Save up to $13.00 on an  advance day ticket purchase.
• Gate price: $43.99
• Discounted price: $30.99
*Applicable taxes not included

Go HERE to snag this great offer! Only available online.
Children two and under are FREE.
Promocode: PGHMomtourageSBlog17

Thanks to Idlewild for sponsoring this post!

#IdlewildPark  #IdlewildPA

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sandcastle Waterpark: Save $10 per ticket!

We've arrived back at that special season where summer is right around the corner! My guess is that most of us are ready to take some deep breaths of relaxation, enjoy the beautiful sunshine and plan some summer fun.  My kids are in their final weeks of school and our summer bucket list is being finalized! Sandcastle is always near the top of the list and one of our local Pittsburgh gems. Whether you're planning a stay-cation, traveling through from out of town or simply looking for ways to cool off during the summer heat, Sandcastle is one of our favorite water destinations in the city. The location is amazing as it has been transformed from an old railroad yard, directly overlooking the Monongahela River. It's hard to believe you're in the middle of the city! 

Wet Willies is always one of our first stops in the park. My kids love controlling 20,000 gallons of splashing fun, pulling ropes, twisting valves, and turning handles that unleash geysers, fountains and sprays!

Sandcastle opens Saturday, May 27- Monday, May 29 for Memorial Day Weekend. Hours are 11am - 5pm. 
Sandcastle is closed Tuesday, May 30- Friday, June 2, but open on Saturday, June 3 -Sunday, June 4. Beginning Saturday, June 10th, they will be open daily for the summer hours! 

There are two specific kid areas geared towards our littlest ones with shallow pools and zero depth entry, including Wet Willie's Waterworks and the Tad Pool.  

There are at least 4 areas with zero depth entry and life jackets are included for the wave pool. Oh, how my kids love the wave pool! 

Sandcastle offers 15 attractions, the Mon Tsunami Wave Pool, scenic Mushroom Pool, the relaxing lazy river, and two children’s area – all located on a boardwalk that is sure to make you feel like you are on vacation. For thrill seekers to mild riders to those that just want to relax, there is something for everyone! 

When you're ready just to hang out for a while, this unofficial "beach" offers some down time from the water fun!

Special Offer for Pgh Momtourage Readers

Tickets are only $22.99 when you purchase this special offer online! Children 3 and under are FREE. Junior (48" and under) and seniors (age 55+) are $22.99 at the gate (plus tax).
For adult tickets, this is a savings of $10 per ticket for weekdays and $12 per ticket for weekend!
(Tax and processing fee are additional). This is an online offer only! Not valid at the gate.

Purchase here for this special rate. 

Or use promo code PGHMomtourageSBlog17.   



Thanks to Sandcastle for sponsoring this post. We can't wait to hit the water this summer!


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mega Giveaway: Celebrating Moms in May

It's May and I think it's ok to celebrate mamas all month long! Being a mom is one of the sweetest gifts to be given. But we also know there are weary days, sleepless nights and many constant demands of us. This month is a chance for us to celebrate motherhood in many special ways!

For our annual Mother's Day giveaway, we have some amazing prizes up for grabs as well as sharing some great Pittsburgh mom-owned businesses. Here's what we're giving away:

  • $25 to MKN Apparel
  • $50 to Levana Bratique
  • $100 to Ikea
  • $100 to Ross Park Mall

MKN Apparel knows that sometimes you need just the right shirt to make you smile and keep you motivated! MKN Apparel has a line of fun shirts for moms, dads & kids. MKN Apparel is owned by a Pittsburgh mama who loves to see other moms enjoying the fun shirts she designs. Check out their website for their full inventory of shirts with the perfect slogan just for you! ❤

MKN Apparel is giving a $25 gift card to their online store!

We love that MKN Apparel is our shop of choice to print our Pgh Momtourage t-shirts! This fun design was created by one of our very own Momtourage mamas. If you join us at our Momtourage playdates, look for our group in the teal shirts! You can also order your own Momtourage tshirt here.

Levana Bratique is a woman owned and operated business. They are the only independently owned store of it's kind in the greater Pittsburgh area! Owner Judy Masucci says, Great bras are my passion!  After spending 9+ years helping nursing moms to find great bras, I decided to close my maternity business and open a business where I can help all women to find great bras! 
judybras.jpgI have been an entrepreneur since 2007 when I opened my first business, A Mother's Boutique®.  This business started out as a nursingwear shop and gradually morphed into the largest selection of nursing bras in the greater Pittsburgh area.  As time went on, I decided I wanted to help all women, not just new moms, to find great bras. From this desire, Levana Bratique was born.  
Levana Bratique carries bras for every woman and specializes in hard to find sizes. Underwire bras, soft cup bras, sports bras, sexy bras, nursing bras - you name it - if you are looking for it, chances are they have it. They carry bras in sizes ranging from 28-60 bands and A to W cups - something for everyone!  Levana Bratique includes the selling floor, 3 fitting rooms, a refreshment area and a small room where classes are regularly held. So many women are not wearing the correct size of bra and having the right fit is essential for comfort & confidence! Judy and her team know exactly how to find you the perfect fit. You will definitely get a personalized and focused experience at Levana! Judy Masucci has a passion for her business. She says, “I love helping women to feel better in their own bodies. I have met so many women who have never worn the right bra size, and when they finally have a bra that fits them correctly; it is literally a life-changing event. You wear your bra all day, every day, and wearing one that doesn’t fit or isn’t comfortable can really have an impact on your overall well-being. I love being able to make a difference for women.” 

Levana Bratique will be giving a $50 gift card to their store to one lucky mama!

Who doesn't love a trip making wish lists and wandering the winding aisles of Ikea? (I know this mama does!)  Amazing eye-catching products at great prices, a kid's drop off play area, kids eat free Tuesdays  + more! My hubby and I have definitely taken advantage of dropping our kids at their fun Smaland and having some uninterrupted shopping time together.
Are you looking for a part-time job? Did you know IKEA is a great option for moms? If you work at least 20 hours you get paid vacation and sick days. There are also benefits to work nights and weekends and after 3 years, maternity leave is covered 100%. 
IKEA is generously giving you the chance for a $100 shopping spree....I'm sure you'll have a hard time choosing what to buy! 

Another favorite stopping point for many is the Ross Park Mall. They are anchored by 4 major department stores, but have 170 specialty shops as well. Some of my favorites there include JCrew, H&M, Crate & Barrel, Francesca's, GAP, Apple, Sephora + many more! They also have a great kid's play area for those days you can't get outside. There are multiple options in the food court, including the newly added Panera. The Cheesecake Factory is an added bonus for a sweet treat! 

One mama is going to have a great time spending $100 on herself with a fun shopping spree! 

Project OM. Join the Movement.

Ross Park Mall is proud to support Manduka and Susan G. Komen on project: OM, a yoga class of one million to battle breast cancer. Donate $10 to Susan G. Komen and receive a FREE yoga class plus a discount card offering 25% off participating retailers. Make your donation and sign up for a class by visiting
You can also sign up for a free class at South Hills Village here

Enter to win one of these 4 great prizes at link below! 

If your kids are little, there isn't always a lot of thank you's to go around. I hope those around you, whether it's your husband, your own mom, your sister or your friends will encourage you in your journey of raising little people this month! 💗

Thank you to MKN Apparel, Levana Bratique, Ikea and Ross Park Mall for showing their appreciation for moms in this special giveaway!