Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Cleaning with less chemicals (+ a giveaway!)

Cleaning. I don't think I ever realized how much of my life would be spent cleaning with 4 kids, haha! Anyone with kids knows it's kind of like vacuuming in the midst of a tornado, but yet, you gotta keep up with it or it gets out of control quickly. 😰
I'm always looking for ways to cut out toxins and chemicals for our family, so I was intrigued when my friend, Jennifer, began sharing more about Norwex. I love how their cloths clean with water only! They are really amazing! Jennifer gave me the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth to try.

Window/Mirror cleaning is one of my daughter's favorite chores around the house. (And it's something that fairly young kids can do). Look at those dirty mirrors! 😲

Usually I just spritz the window for her instead of handing her a bottle of cleaner. With the Window Cloth, she loves getting a spray bottle of water and getting to do it herself. My mirrors have never been cleaner! The Window Cloth works so well! So as a newbie, I later realized these cloths can actually be used without any spray at all. So extra bonus on an easy job for kids to do!

The Norwex microfiber is unique because it is equivalent to 1/200th the size of a human hair (vs traditional microfiber you can purchase in the store which is often 1/6th the size of a human hair).  Because of how fine the Norwex fiber is it removes 99% of bacteria from a surface (that’s why you can replace all of your chemical cleaners...think about the money savings when switching to Norwex) and is SUPER absorbent (think about never having to purchase paper towels again!).  When you use traditional chemical cleaners you are leaving a residue behind that attracts dust, dirt, and grime and you have to clean frequently.  When you use Norwex microfiber and just water, you leave nothing behind and will not have to clean as often because it stays cleaner longer!  Not only are you saving time & money when using Norwex but you are protecting your health because you are not exposing yourself to toxic chemicals (over the past 50 years 80,000 new chemicals have been created and only 200 have been tested for toxicity...so all chemicals are considered safe until proven otherwise) AND you are protecting the environment because Norwex offers items that are reusable vs disposable!

Another feature of Norwex (which is a patented technology) is the Baclock (used to be called Antibac) technology….microsilver that is physically embedded in most of the cloths.  Silver is not new and is used in the healthcare environment!  When the Norwex microfiber cloth is wet the silver is activated which then self sanitizes the cloths by inhibiting the growth of bacteria!  This means that you don’t have to launder the cloth as frequently...HUGE savings!!!

Here are some ways to use the EnviroCloth (wet with just water) and Window Cloth (dry to polish) together....
  • Windows (house and vehicle)
  • Mirrors
  • Stainless Steel appliances
  • Fixtures in the sink & bathroom
  • Flat, glass-top stove
Whenever you are inclined to reach for any chemical cleaners, go for the EnviroCloth instead.  You can clean ANYTHING…
  • Microwave explosions
  • Refrigerator cleanout
  • Surfaces in the kitchen
  • Bathroom (yes, including toilets)
  • Spills on furniture, carpet, rugs
I admit, I'm a major paper towel user. And we have a lot of spills and messes in our house!
Enter my new solution: Counter Cloths. These ultra-absorbent, reusable cloths feature a unique new weave to quickly pick up spills and messes in the kitchen, bathroom—really anywhere! Constructed from Norwex Microfiber made from 50% recycled materials in the same size as a half-sheet of paper towel, each set contains almost a whole recycled plastic bottle (500 ml), so you’re helping to clean up the world every time you quickly clean up! They dry fast and you can use them multiple times before laundering. Best of all, they look great in their stylish Counter Cloth Box, where they’re always ready when you need one.

I have begun to love reaching for the Norwex cloths instead of my typical cleaners and they are so easy for my kids to use as well. 

The EnviroCloth and Window Cloth.  These two cloths come in a package called the Basic Package (item # 1505) for $34.99.  These 2 cloths will replace most of your traditional chemical cleaners.  The EnviroCloth is used wet with JUST water to clean EVERYTHING!  The Window Cloth is used dry to create a shiny, streak-free surface!

Want to try the EnviroCloth and Window Cloth?  Here's an awesome opportunity to start your Norwex journey!  These could be yours, just ENTER BELOW!

So who is ready to try these right away??? Most of us can do more in removing more chemicals from our homes (I know I can!).
1) visit the website: www.jenniferkang.norwex.biz
2) shop (check "I'm not here for a party")
3) at checkout you will be prompted to search for your host, please use KELLY HUGHES to continue to support the Pgh Momtourage.

Norwex is a global company, started in Norway in 1994, and is spread through the direct sale industry.  You can purchase products from a Norwex Consultant OR earn your wishlist for FREE when you host your own party.  My hosts earn, on average, $360 in free products, with some earning $500+!

This post sponsored by Jennifer Kang. It is very rare for me to spotlight a direct sales company, but I think these products are very valuable in helping our environment and being more chemical free in our homes. And I'm all about supporting a Pittsburgh mama and her beautiful family! All opinions remain my own.


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