Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kids Christmas Crafting: Wrappin' Gifts

While I am not a crafter at heart, my son lives for special projects! I knew that I needed to get intentional about creating some crafting moments with him or else they probably just wouldn't happen. My house is probably not going to suddenly be overflowing with handmade abundance, but he will (and does!) remember these special times where we created things together. Off we went to Michael's to pick up a few supplies (he about died from sheer joy in that store.)
First project I decided on (practical purposes too!) was painting wrapping paper.
 I tried to find a big brown craft roll, but Michael's only had white. (Possibly Hobby Lobby might have?) So I went with a plain roll of brown wrapping paper. Picked up the "dot paints". These things are genius, take off the cap, dab to paint. Boom. Art. The other thing I didn't realize was that these paints dry instantly and so there was no waiting time for paint to dry.
 While I thought we would be going to more abstract direction, my son doesn't quite think that way. Hence the ninjas, dog/sky/son, & picture of his grandma. :)
Don't you just love brown paper packages tied up with string? :)

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