Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kids Christmas Crafting (Peppermint Wreath)

Here's another fun Christmas project to do with your kiddos. Warning: it does involve a glue gun! But even a craft-challenged mom like me managed to pull it off. :)
I tried the Dollar Tree first for supplies, but the only item I was able to score there was red hots.  I next hit up Walmart where I was able to get everything else. (I think a white wreathe would be preferable, but they only had green.)
Wreathe: $4
3 bags of Starlight Mints: 98 cents/bag
Clear Acrylic Sealer: $4
Red hots: $1/bag
*Note: we made this last year for the first time and I did not use the sealer AND I put it on my front door. Translation: the day it hit 50 degrees I had a goopy mess at my front door! So I recommend the sealer & keeping it indoors. :)
 Step One: Have your kiddos start unwrapping! My 2 littles loves this job. And it's actually very helpful. Win-win! My 2YO also tries to see how many she can stuff in her pockets without me noticing. :) And those ARE suspicious looking bulges in 2 cheeks.
 Step Two: Start at the inner circle and begin hot-gluing the mints around in a circle.
Step Three: Finish by adding red hots between spaces.
Add ribbon if you wish....and you're done!
 This is one of my kiddos favorite Christmas projects to help with and hey, it doesn't look like a kids craft. :)

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