Thursday, November 1, 2012


Ah-mazing! That is how I would describe Stomp in just one word. What a show!
I am no stranger to Stomp. I saw it 11 years ago on Broadway in New York with my family. That doesn’t mean it was any less spectacular the second time. It was a terrific show then and a terrific show now. My husband and I couldn’t decide if it had changed much. We remembered parts of it but not all.
The show is just an hour and a half long with no intermission, the perfect length. It is entertaining, funny, and surprisingly interactive. The actors don’t talk at all. They occasionally grunt. They use anything and everything to make music including, but not limited to, match boxes, paint cans, brooms, rubber tubes, kitchen utensils, newspapers, sand, lighters, and even trash! My husband has still not stopped banging on everything in the house. He has our girls doing it too and they didn’t even see the show!
The way the actors work together to make music is amazing. And what a work out they must get every night the way they run around that stage! I think I’ll propose to my gym that they start a Stomp class. You think they’d go for it??
Anyway, this show, if nothing else, teaches you that music truly is everywhere and in everything. You just have to start the beat!
There are still five more shows this weekend. One Friday night and two on both Saturday and Sunday. I highly recommend checking it out! You are sure to be tapping your feet along the whole time. Find tickets here!
Review posted by Pgh Momtourage member, Danielle K.

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