Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rock Me!

I recently came across a children's clothing company called Rock Me! Started by 2 college friends, Anna & Nancy, Rock Me outfits are the classic romper in a modern twist without any snaps, buttons, or farm animals in sight!
 {I truly do hate all those characters that pop up on every piece of clothing.} 
These one piece outfits are brilliantly designed to "rock on, rock off" and so easy & comfy to wear!
They were kind enough to send me sweet miss "heidi" which I promptly fell in love with. :)
Every outfit is completely designed, sourced, and manufactured in the USA!
My baby girl declared it to be one of her new favorites.
At least that was my interpretation of the cooing. =)
Go here to do a little shopping and to snag one of these beauties for yourself!
 (or add to Grandma's shopping list, wink*wink) 

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