Monday, February 17, 2014

Momtourage Moms Gettin' Fit & Healthy: Introduction

*Please note that I am not a medical professional, it is not my intention to offer any medical advice. This series is intended for encouragement to moms in this journey. These opinions remain my own and I encourage anyone to seek the advice of their physician if they are pursuing a serious weight loss plan. 
 After my household went from two to five kids overnight (we're foster parents) I found my lovely work-out routine (pushing my 2 kids in a double stroller) fly out the window. All 5 just wouldn't fit. :) So then came the challenge of trying to fit in workouts....when? When you're a mom with multiple young children, you really just battle tiredness a lot. So getting in workouts can be really challenging - good thing playing tag with your kiddos counts! (wink.) I have always been an athlete and involved in sports my whole life. I haven't battled weight gain in a huge way. But I also am used to feeling fit and certainly see extra lbs. easily creeping on as each decade goes by. I know that this is a big challenge for most moms to find ways to stay fit and healthy. So on the Pgh Momtourage facebook page recently, I asked if there were moms out there who have either a) been able to lose a lot of weight or b) would like some motivation in their quest to fit & healthy. I am chosing to focus this series on being fit + healthy and not strictly weight loss. We all know that a healthy weight looks different for everyone - it might be size 6, it might be size 12, it might be something else! I fully believe that being active & eating healthy go hand-in-hand, it's almost impossible to do one without the other. I had several moms who immediately responded either sharing the great accomplishments they've made in this area or asking for encouragement as they begin this journey. So over the next few months, I will be sharing the stories of several Pittsburgh moms. I hope we can all be a good cheering squad for them and offer lots of encouragement! We can all be inspired by each other. It takes a lot to share your story. To say I was this. Or I looked like this at my heaviest. I really applaud these women for putting their story out there and they hope it will be an encouragement to others in the journey. 
Let's give ideas for staying fit. Share recipes for healthy eating. And, as we anticipate our long-awaited Spring (it will come! it will come!), work together to be Momtourage Moms: Fit & Healthy. 
Look for their stories coming soon. If you are interested in having your story featured, please email me at

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