Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Important survey for Allegheny County residents

 The Allegheny Department of Human Services recently contacted me about sharing this survey with you. I am not being compensated in any way, but I have a particular reason for wanting to share this with you.
We had a foster child who came to us at 23 months and could not communicate at a basic level. Did not speak any words and didn't understand simple commands such as "go get your shoes, sit in your chair", ect.... We later found out his mother had said she didn't believe in talking with children and that it was a waste of time. After a few short months with us, with no special therapy or help, he was speaking & understanding clearly for his age range. Only through what we consider normal family interactions. I almost cried one day when he said to me "Let's sit on my bed and read this book" - just amazing!
The Allegheny Department of Human Services (DHS) is conducting research to gain an understanding of Allegheny County, Pa., parents and caregivers’ perspectives on talking to their babies and young children, and to see whether or not they have the information and materials they need to increase the time they spend doing this. Talking to babies or young children appears to stimulate a lasting curiosity, which leads to the motivation for lifelong learning. Research has found that the greater the number of words children hear from their parents or caregivers before they turn 3 years old, the higher their IQ will be and the better they will do in school.
 Through this survey, DHS hopes to generate insights into the most effective ways of motivating Allegheny County parents and caregivers of children from birth to age 5 to talk with their babies or young children.
So please take a short minute and take this quick survey. Be honest. It will be a big help in advocating for kids all over our region!

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