Monday, August 26, 2013

Shoes for Dreams { i.e.foster kids }

When foster kids have come into our home (we've had 7 this year), we are lucky if they bring an outfit or two. Usually they arrive with just the clothing they are wearing, often pj's. The government does usually give you a stipend amount to purchase them clothing, but it certainly doesn't stretch very far! Especially if you want to get a mix of summer/winter clothing and basic shoes. And then sometimes kids go and grow on ya - I know you all know what that's like!
But I JUST bought that! :)
My friends Heather & Nannette (a foster mom & future foster mom) have put together a proposal through Neighborhood Wishlist called
Shoes for Dreams.
This grant would allow them to purchase & distribute specific athletic shoes for specific foster children currently in need and a few extra for children who will be taken in throughout the rest of the year. This grant would go a huge way in help fulfilling dreams of playing soccer, baseball, & football as well as dance in ballet & tap shoes.  
Shoes for Dreams needs your help! They will not get the $500 grant unless they have 500 votes in the next 21 days. So please! Take 2 seconds, go here, and vote for their grant to get approved!
To vote: you must be logged into facebook and "like" the PNC Bank page. You can vote up to 3 times, and you can also earn up to 3 more votes by sharing the Neighborhood Wishlist Program.
Thank you for your support in helping some dreams come true!

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