Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Snowman Birthday

Birthday parties have become quite the big budget item. While I think a Bounce House, Art House, or the Children's Museum would be lots of fun - it's totally outside of our budget. We were lucky enough to have our kiddos 2 years and one week apart, so hello joint birthday party (for as long as they let me). :) Since we don't have family close by, we invite a few friends, pick a theme, and the kiddos have a super fun time.
This year's theme was SNOWMAN. It's also convenient that we have a hill in our backyard, so incorporating sledding into the party is a great way to get everyone outside, even in the winter. If you think birthday parties have to be expensive, think again. Especially when you choose a theme where you can do anything with cotton balls & marshmallows. :)
My advice is to choose a theme several months in advance and slowly begin gathering whatever supplies you are going to use. By the time you hit party month, all you have to buy is whatever food you may choose to serve.
Look who's turning 4 & 2!
Not sure about turning daddy into a snowman, but it was a fun game for the kiddos!
pb & j snowmen for the kids
 Trader Joes white chedder popcorn snowman
sloppy joes for moms & dads
 their scarves were a bit snowy obviously. :)
super fun, super easy
 chocolate snowmen are even more tasty!
Part of their take homes....

 Kara's Party Ideas is a great place to find theme ideas. Once you find something you like, start Pinteresting! :)

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