Monday, January 21, 2013

Foam Fest - fitness made awesome.

So pretty much everyone puts "exercise more" on their New Year's Resolutions, right? One of the most common reasons people don't work out is "it's boring" or "I don't enjoy it". So how about we set a goal together to work towards a thrilling (dare we say, fun?) 5k?!
Coming to Pittsburgh, June 15th.
(Plenty of time to prepare!)
Check out the Pittsburgh page here.
The price goes up the longer you delay in registering, so take the plunge now! 

Get filthy Clean?!!! The ONLY obstacle mud race that doubles as a human car wash! We don’t just bring mud and obstacles; we throw more foam at you than a pack of toddlers in a bubble bath! Imagine the coolest obstacle mud race ever, and then picture it staged inside a giant car wash! That’s the 5k Foam Fest in a nutshell! In fact, 10 seconds in, you’ll be so stoked out of your mind you’ll forget you’re actually "exercising!" Whether you’re a seasoned mud runner or just someone out to have a great time, from the moment you tie on your shoes, you’ll notice a FUNCORE element at the 5k Foam Fest. So while we fully endorse reading through every page of our site save yourself the time and sign up already!
If you would like to join the Momtourage team....we will plan some nights to run together once the weather starts getting slightly warmer. :)
Register here under the 10am wave and register under team "Blaze".
That's right, we'll be blazin'. :)
My hubby and other guys will be on our team as well, so bring your hubby into the mix and make fitness a family effort!
50 ft. slip-n-slide, anyone?
Can my child participate?
  • Ages 9 and under will not be able to participate in the 5k but we would love to have them join us for our pre and post race activities such as our foam pit and bounce house!
  • Ages 10-15 can register for the 5k race but must run with a registered adult.
What if I'm too scared to do an obstacle?
  • We have staff and volunteers scattered throughout the mud run course who are ready to leap into action and help you through the obstacle, but if you feel you shouldn't do an obstacle for any reason, our staff will help you around it.

What should I wear?
  • Leave your little black dress in your closet at home because you can count on getting wet, dirty, muddy, sandy, foamy, and most importantly, come away happy! Wear something that can handle the mud and the foam and that you are free to move and groove in. If you want to dress up as your favorite super hero, we approve. Get your friends and dress up together.
And see lots more answers to FAQ's here!

 It always helps me to have a goal to work towards, such as a race. So sign up to keep yourself motivated, healthy & having fun this spring/summer!

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