Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Broadway Across America: The Addams Family

Last night I had the delightful experience of seeing The Addams Family at the Benedum Center, a co-presentation between Pittsburgh CLO and PNC Broadway Across America – Pittsburgh.
I never really watched the TV show, so besides knowing some of the characters and theme song (of course!), I wasn't sure what it would be like.
Gomez Adams, played by Douglas Sills, does an absolutely incredible job and is definitely the star of the show.
Laugh Out Loud funny.
And to the cast's credit, they even threw a "yinz" in there. :)
The premise: Wednesday Addams has fallen in love. It's time for the parents to meet. The young couple are both begging their parents to be "normal" for this first dinner meeting.
Because it turns out, the boyfriend's parents have a few skeletons in their closet too.
It's really a story that could play out anywhere, right?
Throughout the show, there is such a strong theme of how important it is to be utterly & completely truthful in your marriage.
Showing now through August 12th - get your tickets here.
Balcony seats as low as $35 a ticket!
Buy the way, did you know the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is always the best place to find tickets for events in Pittsburgh? The same tickets through another venue were over $50!

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