Friday, August 17, 2012

Adults only: Carnegie Science Center

I recently attended the inaugural 21+ night at CSC.
That's right - no kids allowed!
Have you ever considered the thought of being at the Science Center and actually reading about an exhibit instead of worrying if you have enough food & drink for the duration of your stay, or know where every bathroom is, and spending time somewhere other than the ball factory? :) 
Than this is the night for you!
 Yes, we did spend time in the train room. It was rather....peaceful. :)
  What? You thought the 4th floor would be empty?
Nope, there were plenty of adults trying their hand at:
  • Constructing working electrical circuits
  • Playing the laser harp and the PVC pipe organ
  • Engineering dams, locks, channels and flood plains to control the flow of a river
  •  And don't forget about splashing at the water table!
    Yep, we all need some kid's fun sometimes.
     Check their calendar for more upcoming 21+ nights!
    I attended with our university student from China who is staying with us for the month of August. She gave it a thumb's up! We especially enjoyed a short show at the Buhl Digital Planetarium!

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