Monday, April 9, 2012

In Review: bd's Mongolian Grill

bd's Mongolian Grill recently opened in SouthSide Works!
They graciously offered lunch to my family so we could check out how it's family friendly-ness. If you never been to a bd's, you are missing out!
bd's Mongolian Grill is a fresh, fun, healthy concept that's entertaining for the whole family. They are a create-your-own-stir-fry. You grab a bowl and fill it with everything from meat to veggies to sauces to spices - however you want it! Then you take it to their huge open grill, hand it to the cook and watch them expertly grill it for you within minutes. You also get a choice side of rice or tortillas.
And they have a full soup/salad bar.
Wow, I loved how many fresh vegetables were in this place!
The staff was super friendly. One of the employees (first sanitized - thank you!)  brought out 2 toys for my kids to play with. There were booster seats & high chairs and someone offering balloons to all the kiddos.
There was a staff member at the bar who was there to give helpful tips & suggestions on building your perfect stir-fry, as well as keep the line moving & organized on who was waiting for food.
FYI - kids 2 and under eat FREE!
But we know not all kids will want stir-fry - so the good news is that they do have a separate kids menu. Which did include chicken tenders, so my kiddos were happy. :) However, when they brought their meal, it was simply 5 chicken tenders, no fruit or veggie sides were offered. :-/ We were able to compensate by getting them some fruit/veggies from the salad bar. So in the future maybe I would know to bring these sides ahead of time, or hopefully they will tweak this menu option soon! =)
Welcome to Pittsburgh, bd's!
It's in a great location - we love to hang out & walk around at
Southside Works on a warm night! 
If stir-fry is your thing, you have to try bd's Mongolian Grill!
Find menus, directions, and any other info you might want here.

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