Monday, April 19, 2010

Mommy products

I've come across some really great products recently! Maybe you all know about all of these already, but if not, I thought I'd pass the info on.........

Earth Mama Angel Baby has been getting RAVES for their completely natural & free from any toxins products. They have products for pregnancy, labor, c-section, post-partum, & breastfeeding. I am very interested in trying some of the "bottom balm" for my little guy. It's supposed to be amazing!

Boon Squirt Spoon - This dandy little spoon is quite the little tool to have when you're on the go! Basically you put food in the handle and then squeeze to dispense it. So instead of carrying jars of baby food, bowls, spoons...all you need is the one small item!

Target Up & Up diapers - I know all babies are different in which diapers work and which ones don't. I didn't like any off-brand that I tried, UNTIL I got to Target's Up & Up brand. So, if you haven't tried them, check them out! At only $7 a pack, the price can't be beat!

If you're into cloth diapers (or considering them!), you definitely should check out the new Gro-Baby line or the Flip diaper systems. They are one-size, so you don't have to worry about buying more as they grow. And they are also making more convenient options for taking them on the go as well. (And yes, it's called Kelly's Closet, but I have nothing to do with that site) :)

Safety Tats - These are child safety temporary tattoos, perfect for a day at the zoo or amusement park! You simply write your name, phone number or any other pertintent info on the tattoo and then apply with water to your child's skin. There are lots of options for design and you can specialize them as much you would like. Safety first!

Nalgene Grip-N-Gulp Sippy Cup. They do not leak. Ever. Period. End of Story. Don't we all need one? :)

What products have you used that every mom should know about?

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