Thursday, July 19, 2018

Kennywood Adventures + Discount

We've hit a big milestone in our family.....that's right, our kids are out growing Kiddieland! 😅 I love that my kids are getting older and bigger and ready for new adventures. So this year, Kennywood was a different experience as we didn't even enter the kids area. It's a little bit tricky, because they're not all tall enough or ready for some of the big rides, but we found a balance with the "medium-sized" ones. :) 

As my kids get older and into faster rides, I'm also getting older and into much slower rides. 😰 This was my one and only time on this one. 😂

 Um, no thank you. But this ride does provide the best photos!!

 My kids loved, loved this ride!!

This is a classic!

The brand new Thomas the Train exhibit wasn't open for us, but I'm hearing it's going to be great! (Opening at the end of July.) We've got a discount on tickets for anyone that is looking for a family fun day this summer. Go here to purchase!

My family received tickets in exchange for a review. All opinions remain my own as I don't promote venues that my family doesn't love!

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