Thursday, February 8, 2018

Use the app, avoid the doctor's office!

OK, fellow parents, anyone else ready to put this winter and sick season in the rear view mirror? 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋 We just came through a week of a virus that went through all six in my family. Thankfully, it wasn't the flu, but whew, it wasn't a picnic. Now that every piece of bedding has been washed and everything has been sanitized, my fingers are crossed for avoiding any more viruses this season. 😷

I know I'm not alone as we're in the peak of cold and flu season, one of the worst flu seasons ever. :( We LOVE our pediatrician, but right now I'm trying to avoid her office if at all possible! It's a busy place as we recently waited 50 minutes to be seen (this is extremely rare, so I know there were a lot of sick babies there!) But hey, selfies took up at least 5 minutes of our waiting time. ☺

And that is why I'm extra excited about the new UPMC AnywhereCare app! The UPMC AnywhereCare can connect you with health care providers on all devices to help with symptoms like colds, coughs and sore throats. Your child wakes up at 2AM with symptoms? How great to first check in remotely with a medical professional to determine if they need to be seen! Anyone can sign up for UPMC AnywhereCare online or download the app at  One thing to note: UPMC AnywhereCare cannot be used for children under three.

UPMC AnywhereCare offers patients with non-emergency symptoms quick online access to high-quality care — anytime, anywhere. If needed, we can send prescriptions directly to your pharmacy.

It only takes a moment to download the app, so do it now and give it a try!

You’ll also have a chance to win a free digital thermometer when you sign up here by March 5.

 Here's to healthy kids and the help of an app when they're not!

This post sponsored by UPMC Health Plan. I only endorse companies or products that are beneficial to our families.  

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Emily said...

I'm with you on avoiding the dr's office at all costs.