Friday, January 27, 2017

Questburgh: Escape Room for Kids

You may have heard about the "Escape Rooms" that are popping up all around our country. These are great options for date nights, mom's night out or fun with friends! 

Real-life Room Escape games are a type of live game where players are locked in a room with other participants and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles, find clues, and escape the room within 60 minutes 

We were recently invited to participate in the Pirates adventure game at Questburgh. This is the only Escape Room in our region that younger kids can participate in! (One other Escape Room in our area starts at age 7.)  It's a great family adventure where parents might do most of the mystery solving for younger kids, but everyone can enjoy the thrill of helping to solve puzzles and hunting for lost treasures as well!  It is designed to start around 5 years old, but they also welcome younger kids as long as they are with their parents.

I decided to take my 7 year old son and some of his friends and they had a fantastic time finding the clues! 

It was a little unclear going into the room what exactly we should be looking for or doing, so the boys just started rattling, shaking and searching and we eventually started to figure it out! There is also help via camera if you are stuck. That was a HUGE help. 😃

Although I thought it was one room to escape, there ended up being a series of 3 rooms! 

I was the only adult that went in with the kids and the other parents waited in the lobby. We would love to see a TV on the wall where you can see the progress of what is happening in the rooms! This would also be great for older kids who might go in without adults and the parents would like to follow along in their hunt. 

We did it!! With one minute to spare, they opened the treasure box. They were very excited! This last room has a sand floor, so be aware for anyone with dust allergens or sensitivities, it was a little dusty in there. :) 

This was a really fun activity and families would have a great time doing it together. It also makes an exciting birthday party or fun venue to do with grandparents and grandkids! And if you prefer to do an adult event, you can also check out their Mafia room

I would love to see them offer a family rate, especially for families with younger kids.
Currently $28/adult and $19/child. 

They are located in the Southside, just off of Carson Street. Free parking is available. 

Go here to see all the information for their games! Or follow all their latest news through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  

Thanks, Questburgh, for providing this fun adventure for families in our city!

(412) 346-484930 S 6th St, Pittsburgh, PA, 15203

This post is sponsored so I received compensation or products in exchange for my promotion. All opinions remain my own as I don't endorse companies that I don't value.

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