Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Our introduction to Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club

My two girls have been asking quite often the past year about doing a trial of gymnastics. As we watched them flip, twirl and master the monkey bars, we decided this would probably be a good avenue to explore! So I pulled up my trusty Google and started looking for places around the city. Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club caught my eye and so I began to learn more about their organization. Just as the US Olympic Gymnastics began building momentum this summer, it was perfect timing for my girls to start in!

Kim Ransom, a former gymnast and coach, founded PGC in 2014 in the community of Braddock. Kim is passionate about using the avenue of gymnastics to instill self-confidence, build a good work ethic, make healthy habits, promote teamwork, encourage problem-solving and create discipline. She wants to ensure that kids have the opportunity to be a part of communities such as PGC and is a great encourager to all her students! 

Every class began with warm-ups and I was impressed at how hard all the students worked. Whether they were running, crab-walking, skipping or hopping, all the kids poured their hearts into learning their skills and it was awesome to see. 

PGC Goals: 

  • Consistency: Athletes get stronger faster with the more time they spend in the gym. Dropping in and out of classes is not conducive to learning gymnastics.
  • A relationship with his/her coach: Our classes are small so each coach can learn how to motivate your child.
  • A team: Having a supportive social environment among peers is crucial!

The instructors were all amazing and my girls loved them! They encouraged having fun while working hard and my girls were always sad for each class to end. 

People travel from all pockets of the city to come to Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club for classes and you will find great diversity! I loved seeing the comraderie among both the students and the parents during the classes. They are certainly building a special community at PGC!

All Gymnastics Classes:

  • Are 45-75 minutes
  • Are capped at 5-8 students
  • Have 1 Head Adult Instructor and often, 1 Junior Instructor
  • Are divided by both age and ability levels
  • Follow a USAG progression model

My girls love their newly learned skills of tumbling, hand stands, bar routines + more!

Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club joining options give you a TON of value for your money! There is no other gym that offers you the same amount of benefits or perks. Most options allow you to attend as many classes during the week as you like, free open gyms, a free gym mobile app and even private lessons! Doing gymnastics with PGC is a whole new experience- hands down the BEST!

They also have a fantastic venue for Toddler Open Gyms and Mommy & Me Classes. Mommy & Me class (up to age 3) will help develop large motor skills,promote colors, shapes and numbers as well as give toddlers a place to socialize! Go here to check out those options. 

So now you can do much better then Google searching by reading our review! We were thrilled with our experience at Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club and think you would be as well. With the current popularity of gymnastics in our country, fall classes will be filling up soon. Contact them here for more information about their trial month class and signing up for extended sessions as well. 

Pretty soon every bar might become this for your child as well. :) 

Keep up the amazing work, PGC!!

I worked in promotion with Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club. However, all opinions remain my own as I only endorse the fantastic ones. :) 

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