Wednesday, February 10, 2016

14 DIY tips to keep your home bug-free

We all want to think of our home as a safe, clean environment for our family and friends. But when
bugs get inside and infest your home, your peace of mind can disappear quickly.At Custom Turf, they are dedicated to keeping Pittsburgh families safe and their homes pest­ free!
The best way to avoid an infestation of bugs such as ants, fruit flies and stink bugs is not to let them
inside in the first place, and that's where their ​perimeter pest control service​ comes in. As
the seasons change, so do the bugs you have to protect against, and these small insects can get clever. Custom Turf wants to help Pittsburgh homeowners by providing useful do­-it-yourself tips on how to prevent bugs from getting in your home, and what to do if they do happen to get inside.

These pests are extremely opportunistic and will come by the thousands. If possible, try and follow
ants back to their nests, so you know where they live. Here’s what you can do:

  • Seal your home.​ To start, walk around your home and try to seal any holes you find, no matter how small. Without any matter how small. Without entry points, pests won't be able to get inside!
  • Be tidy.​ Don't leave crumbs on the kitchen counter, and always immediately clean up any spills - even water. Sticky substances like honey are major attractants for ants, so keep it in a closed jar, or even better, the refrigerator. 
  • Cucumber.​ While they're healthy for us and an excellent addition to a salad, ants hate them. If you think you know where ants might be getting in, slice up some cucumber and put it in those areas. 
  • Mint tea.​ Like cucumbers, mint tea is a natural deterrent for ants. Place these tea bags in areas where you see anys or anticipate they could get inside. 

Fruit flies
These flying nuisances have been pestering people for as long as anyone can remember. To stop flies from getting inside and buzzing around your food, you need to protect their entry points: doors and windows.  

  • Hang deterrents. ​Bay leaves and cloves are great fly deterrents. Wrap these in cheesecloth squares and hang them from open doors and windows. 
  • Eucalyptus oil.​ Put some of this on a small cloth and lay it where flies are already becoming a problem. 
  • Sweet basil.​ Hang this above your pet’s food and water to stop these scents from attracting flies. 
  • Homemade trap.​ Mix some maple syrup, brown sugar, and granulated sugar in a bowl and let it sit overnight. In the morning, dip brown Kraft paper in it and hang these strips outside to help cut down on the population. 

Stink bugs
They really do smell, so be careful! Luckily, stink bugs are slow so if you find them in your home,
don’t just squash it. Put it in a paper towel, take it outside, and if you don’t want it coming back in,
spray it with soapy water.

  • Soapy water. ​Take dish detergent and mix it with water. If you spray this at entry points, stink bugs won't dare come inside.
  • Garlic powder.​ Sprinkle garlic powder on windowsills, or cut cloves of garlic and put them in bags and hand them near windows and doors. They can't stand the smell. It might be a good idea to cook lots of Italian food! 
  • Catnip.​ Apply catnip just like garlic, by using either a powder or its pure form.  
  • Dryer sheets.​ Rub these on any screens in your home and stink bugs won't be able to tolerate walking on them. This will help keep them out and also help your home smell like fresh laundry!
  • Damp towel. ​At night put a moist towel outside, in the garden if you have one. Come morning it will be full of stink bugs, and if you put the towel in soapy water, they'll die. 

Enjoy Your Pest­Free Home!  
These tips will help you maintain a bug-­free household all year long. We know your family will appreciate your food and belongings no longer being invaded by bugs! If you are uncomfortable doing any of these tips yourself, or you have additional questions, contact Custom Turf today and they'll be glad to help you rid your home of pests for good.

Thank you, Custom Turf, for sponsoring today's post and sharing these great tips to keep our homes bug-free!


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the seasons change, so do the bugs you have to protect against, and these small insects can get clever. Custom Turf wants to help Pittsburgh homeowners by providing useful do­-it-yourself tips on how to prevent bugs from getting in your home, and what to do if they do happen to get inside.
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