Monday, September 7, 2015

Our bunk bed adventure

We recently made a kid's room overhaul that was lots of fun! It was time to move both sets of kids into bunk beds and thus, the Pinterest searching began. :) After researching prices, we decided we would try to build one set to get the quality we wanted and well as a fun and unique look. I found a beautiful set on Pinterest, but unfortunately, I couldn't get the plans downloaded! So I showed my hubby the picture and said "could you build these?" I love having a husband that isn't afraid to delve into a project like this! And so he started.......

The extra fun part for Mom was finding just the right bedding! I was so grateful when Land of Nod (love them!) kindly offered bedding sets for each of my kids. I wanted something that would fit each of their personalities, but not be too matchy-matchy. They had a lot of fun picking out their quilts and it was a happy mail day when they arrived! We found the Land of Nod quilts to be just the right thickness to work well for year round and they are comfy and durable as well!

We've got superheroes, balloons, Lately Lily, and a beloved orange. Beds later, camp out in the living room first. :) 

Our boys bunk beds were already in place and they settled right in as new roommates. I know this isn't the greatest picture quality, but it was such a sweet moment I walked in to and managed to catch. :) 

 Meanwhile....the girl's beds continued.....Andrew built the top one right on to the wall.

 After it was built, we went it to sand and stain. I don't highly suggest this progression, haha!

We decided to do a natural stain and tried using both tea leaves and a vinegar/steel wool concoction. The tea ended up being darker that what we wanted, so used the vinegar. A very easy and non-toxic stain! The wood ended up taking the stain a little differently, but we love the unique look it created.

Yay for completion!!

Ikea bookshelves and under the bed bins were great space savers!

My daughter had picked out an adorable Lately Lily quilt (currently on clearance!). This was our first discovery of Lately Lily and we found out she is such a fun character! Lily travels the world and shares her adventures which is such a fun way to teach your kids about happenings around the world. Find some fun gift ideas here. Thank you, Lately Lily, for sending my daughter this doll, book & tshirt, she loves them!

I wanted to be sure we had a local store that could be a part of our kids room makeovers as well and USA Baby to Teen was the perfect fit. Local kids store can be very difficult to keep in business as it's hard to compete with big box stores as well as sites such as Amazon. USA Baby to Teen (North Hills) has so many beautiful products for kids including beds, bunk beds, dressers, strollers, car seats, room decor and much more! Be sure to stop in next you're looking for baby/kids items. And their employees are wonderful - you can't beat customer service at a locally owned business!

This Fatboy beanbag is the perfect seat and lounger for my boys room. 

My girls love their sweet little rocker that is a perfect fit for their room!

With doing foster care, our kids had to be flexible in their room situations for a couple of years and we are grateful for their good spirits about it. But with our adoption recently being finalized, it was so fun to be able to have complete and permanent spaces for all four of our kiddos! Thank you to each company who was a part of it and all the fun products you provide to make special spaces for kids. :)


Jonny said...

We had similar adventure, bunk bed is great for spending some quality time with your family.

Unknown said...

I would love to live there with my tiny family. Though I am not pregnant yet. Still learning about how to plan baby boy because I adore baby child.