Monday, May 4, 2015

A chat with Dr. Amanda of Family Chiropractic

Last fall I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Amanda when we were both speaking at The Mom Con. I enjoyed hearing her talk on how passionate she is about incorporating healthy living along side her chiropractic business. Some people might not associate a chiropractic clinic with holistic health and wellness. But Dr. Amanda and her husband, Dr. Cotey, are true believers in not just fixing symptoms, but addressing lifestyle, diet, and whole body heath to help each person feel at their very best potential. (Read more of their story here.) That is a big reason they have a very special upcoming announcement as they change the name of their practice to simply Family Chiropractic. (formerly known as Jordan Family Chiropractic.)

Here are some questions I posed to Dr. Amanda about her practice:

1. What led you and your husband to start your chiropractic business?
Our purpose in life is to passionately restore family health and animate future generations, and what better way than through the chiropractic lifestyle. We've personally had life changing experiences all because complete strangers went out of their way to introduce us to a better way towards health that we had no idea even existed. We feel obligated and very proud to spread the message of health to our local community.

2. You are in the process of changing the name of your business, what do you hope the new name conveys to families?
We believe our new name and logo speak for themselves! Our practice members come to us because we continuously elevate their health, inspire self responsibility and help them take action through a rhythm of education, specific adjustments and nutritional support.

3. I recently heard about how chiropractic care can be an amazing resource for infants struggling with reflux. Can you share more about those benefits?
That is absolutely true! We are experts when it comes to the human body and we specialize with pediatrics and pregnant women. We see kids of all ages. Many of our practice members bring their kids in to be proactive with their health and to insure their children are functioning optimally. Typical issues that we see in newborns and children are colic, reflux, ear infections, bedwetting, growing pains, IBS, scoliosis, etc. The truth is, if a child is suffering from anything, they deserve the opportunity of experiencing chiropractic care.

4. What are some other ways families can benefit from Family Chiropractic?
The benefits are truly up to you. We have patients who truly need help with pain relief from chronic issues, headaches, migraines, etc. We also have patients who need help getting their body to function at a higher level due to cancer, autism, cerebral palsy, etc. Additionally we have patients who seek to be proactive about their health rather than waiting until there is a problem to deal with. This care is comparable to working out – we all know it will lead to a healthier happier life, but do we all put it as a priority and make time for it? Or do we wait until we are over weight, tired and miserable then wish for the magic quick fix? We believe your Health is your greatest assest and you are responsible for it.

5. Anything else that would be helpful for families to know about your business?
The most common statements we hear in our office are parents saying, “I never knew this was even an option.” “Why didn’t I hear about this sooner?” “I am so thankful Julie referred me to you, I had no idea you could help my family so much.” It is a our greatest pleasure to help restore your family’s health.

Would you like to learn more about Dr. Amanda's Family Chiropractic? Join them for an exciting FREE event + Launch party!

Thursday, May 14th, 6:30pm. 
Treesdale Community Center
1 Treesdale Cmns, Gibsonia, PA 15044
They were selected out of 500 chiropractors in North America to be featured in an extreme make over! There will be amazing food, provided by Oakmont country club, Tamari, Whole Foods and others! There will be the exciting announcement via a CEO of a multimillion dollar company as well as raffle prizes.  If anyone is interested in learning about how to take their health to another level they are more than welcome to attend, they will not be giving a lecture or trying to corner people. All attendees are able to enter into a free raffle. The grand prize is worth over $2400 which will be one free year of care! Children are able to attend, however, ideally they would love parents to be able to relax together and have a nice night out. There is no babysitting availability at the center.
RSVP is required to help with food availability. Register here.

Thank you, Dr. Amanda, for sharing with the Momtourage followers the wonderful resources Family Chiropractic can offer to families!

Dr. Amanda received her degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. She and her husband have been in practice for 6 years and have two beautiful little girls who are 3 and 16 months.

9125 Marshall Road, Suite 101
Cranberry Twp, PA 16066

This post sponsored by Family Chiropractic, however all opinions remain my own. 


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