Saturday, January 10, 2015

In Review: Jazzercize ( + free classes! )

I've always loved sports & fitness. Team sports, running, exercise classes....I'm in! But then this little thing happened called children and wow, it is so hard to find the time, energy and venue that is a good fit around taking care of my 4 little ones. Maybe you made a goal in the new year to try to be more fit or maybe you fall into those "winter blues" that is so easy to do in the long, cold months of winter.  Exercise is such a good way to keep yourself feeling better both mentally, emotionally and physically! This past week I was invited to participate in my first Jazzercise class. What made this possible? Three little words: free childcare provided. YES.

I really didn't know much about Jazzercise and it can be hard to picture how physically challenging a class can be when it is set to Jazz. But what I found out is that they actually use a wide variety of music. Dance, hip-hop, country, and yes, a little jazz during cool-down time, it all makes for a fun and lively class!

 I attended the Dance Mixx class which promises to torch fat, sculpt lean muscle, and crush calories with its high intensity workout that mixes dance-based cardio with strength training. Fresh, pulse-pounding music and body-blasting moves bring the intensity to transform your body, boost your mood and ignite your energy.j I would definitely say it lives up to its claim! It was high movement, an intense core workout and FUN! Kim was a great instructor who stayed engaged with everyone and kept it energetic.

I attended a class in the North Hills where they offer 10 classes a week (morning, afternoon & evening options). As I mentioned, they also offer FREE child care (for the morning class) in a room stocked with books, blocks & toys. One of the great things about Jazzercise, is that you can pay a monthly fee and your classes are unlimited for the month! Miss your usual class? Not a problem, just try one on a different day. Take one, three, five or ten classes a week, it's all up to you! Go here to put in your zip code to find your nearest class location. Many locations offer even more classes a week. Childcare will vary by location. 

One thing I really enjoyed about the class is the variety of ages. Seriously, I love taking a fitness class with women who could be my children's grandma, they're so motivating and fun!! But don't worry, there is a variety of attenders from young moms to the older group. Or you could be like this mother/daughter duo and take it together!

So here is the coolest news! You have the opportunity to get the month of January for FREE when you sign up a 6 or 12 month membership. There is also no joining fee when you sign up for a membership this month. Not sure about committing to a membership? Classes are $10 each, try a few to see if it's a good fit for you! 

I definitely encourage you to consider Jazzercise. Group fitness is always a great way of accountability to keep you consistent and is usually way more enjoyable than working out by yourself. I always do better at "momming" when I've had a good workout. It magically extends your patience level as well, haha! Here's to banning winter blues, feeling fit, and maybe making some new friends in the process. Sounds like a win-win-win. :)  

This post sponsored by Jazzercise. All opinions remain my own. 

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