Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Mom Con

Guess who you are going to find at The Mom Con? Well, this girl. I am honored to be included in this awesome event and I hope you, your friends, your sisters, and all the moms you know will be there as well!
The final speaker lineup is up on the site! We're talking happiness, holistic health, career, getting organized and much more on November 15th, with:

Rachel Martin of Finding Joy
Cooper Munroe of
Britt Reints of In Pursui...t of Happiness
Helen Hanna Casey of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services
Amanda Jordan of Jordan Family Chiropractic
Chaton Turner of Chaton's World
Stephanie Barnhart of Football Food & Motherhood
Kelly Hughes of Pgh Momtourage
Sandra Lane of Organization Lane, LLC
Read more about each of these women here.
So what is The Mom Con?
The Mom Con was born out of a simple concept: there are two sides to every mom.
Maybe you’re wondering:
  • Can I really achieve the goals I had for myself before I became a mother? Is it even possible?
  • Am I doing this whole motherhood thing right?
  • How do I balance my own needs with trying to be present to my kids?
  • Can I really run my own business and succeed? How do I do that?
None of us have all the answers. So the Mom Con was created.
Because a shared experience is a powerful thing. It creates community, which allows for the sharing of insights, for sparking ideas and for collaborat​ion. Social media can take us a long way toward building relationships with each other, but it will never replace the power of face-to-face contact. The Mom Con is a day to get inspired by our speakers, become empowered with new ideas, and get connected with each other in real life.
The Mom Con will be held at the Pittsburgh Marriott North, November 14-15, 2014.
Early bird registration is only available until August 15th , so go here to register TODAY!!
Hope to see you there!



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