Saturday, April 26, 2014

In Review: JBF '14

This week I was able to attend the Just Between Friends Spring Sale. I will tell you, I'm such a big fan of these mega sales. Where else can you find any possible kid-related product, in one place, at 50-70% off retail?! I know there are problems and challenges with coordinating this many thousands of items and hundreds of people involved, but I think each year they continue to work out kinks to streamline and make the process better for everyone.
We have loved the bargains we've gotten there and this year was no exception! I did have a very small budget that I could use, so I made a very strategic list (a must!) I was able to check off each item very happily. :) 
Rain boots are always on my radar because my kids use them constantly to save from ruining their shoes whether it's a muddy backyard or post-rain walk.  I was happy to score 2 fantastic pairs!
Hunters kids boots retail for $75. My bargain: $5. YES. 
Gymboree boots for $6 / dress for $3 / backpack $1
The shoe table is always one of my favorite places to check.
This girl has been carrying around her brother's backpack for months, so when I found a little pink one for $1, I knew a very good home for it. :) She has rarely taken it off in the past few days! Like-new sandals: $4.
Also snagged a few more clothing items and brand-new Dr. Suess books!
But whatever you're in the market items, toys, bikes, strollers, + much, much more, you are sure to find something good! 
The sale is still go check it out!
Saturday, April 26th
8am-5pm:  Public Sale & NEW Merchandise!
Admission is FREE!
Sunday, April 27th
8am-5pm:  50% OFF PublicSale! 
All Items WITHOUT a STAR on the tag are 50% off and admission is FREE!
Any additional info can be found here.
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