Sunday, January 5, 2014

40 mommy moments coming in 2014

In 2014....
1. Bulging bellies will bring the miracle of life.
2. Babies will become toddlers.
3. Toddlers will become kids.
4. We'll kiss chubby cheeks as much as possible.
5. And give big squeezers to littles growing up so fast.
6. We'll clean up vomit at midnight.
7. And change wet beds at 2am. Again. 
8. We'll put bandaids on imaginary boo-boos. And soothe real owies with kisses. 
9. We'll die a little inside when our child hits someone on the playground and we get the #worstmommyever glare.
10. We'll pray for their hearts to learn obedience & kindness.
11. We'll feel tears when they face their first disappointments.
12. Our hearts will burst at their innocent joy.
13. We'll pull our hair out at another sibling spat and then watch in awe as the older gently teaches the younger.
14. We'll change 3000 diapers without a blink.
15. We'll watch our child wet pair of underwear #275 and cringe every time we read, "oh, my child trained in 3 days."
16. We'll pay big bucks to get into amusement parks at which we'll never see an adult ride.
17. We'll hang out with our #Momtourage in hopes of some adult convo. (wink)
18. We'll watch first steps, teach first words, & see first tumbles.
19. We'll sing silly songs & do crazy dances and not care who's watching.
20. We'll wonder what happened to our body, no one told us about the month following childbirth.
21. We'll feel inadequate when nursing is the hardest thing we've ever done. All we heard was it the perfect bonding experience.
22. We'll be ecstatic when leaving the house only means throwing on sandals for everyone. #momslovesummer
23. We'll be in desperate need of encouragement in parenting and seek to avoid falling into the competitive spirit or discontentment that the internet can provide if we’re not careful.
24. We’ll always think our child is the most adorable in the room.
25. And continue posting too many pictures of their cuteness.
26. We’ll more readily embrace the 3am feedings of child #2 because we now know how quickly the newborn stage passes.
27. We’ll read the same book 26x a day.
28. We’ll adore our children, but our favorite time of the day will still be their bedtime.
29. We’ll think spending Friday night on our couch is the perfect way to end a week. Go out? What?
30. We’ll leave a kitchen full of dishes at 10pm because we’re too exhausted.
31. We’ll be so grateful when our hubby does that sink full of dishes or gets up with the 3am nightmare.
32. We’ll turn on Sesame Street to get some work done.
33. We’ll play. A lot.
34. We’ll crave 10 more minutes of sleep.
35. We’ll handle the starving child. 20 minutes after the dinner they wouldn’t eat.
36. We’ll think our child’s giggles are the best sound in the world.
37. We'll become PB&J masters.
38. We'll write down the crazy things that come out of their mouth.
39. We won't correct some words they say simply because they make us smile.
40. We'll experience joy & craziness like we couldn't have imagined. 

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the parents who wouldn't trade this job for anything! ~Kelly #pghmomtourage


Dory said...

Oh, I identify with this post so well. It's like I wrote it myself! Thanks so much for a sweet, lovely, humorous list!

-Dory from

Skye @ Planet Jinxatron said...

"We'll die a little inside when our child hits someone on the playground and we get the #worstmommyever glare."

OH I have been there! )

Erin G said...

Love this! Especially wanting more sleep-except I think I want 10 more hours of sleep a week, not 10 more minutes. hhaha! This would make a great printable!