Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The magic tool for every parent!

When my firstborn turned 2 and went through a phase where he decided 6am was an acceptable time to get up, I knew I had to have some backup! After a plea to friends for help and an internet search I found the perfect gadget.
It's tricky being little and waking up and having no concept of time. I totally understand that. So when mommy or daddy can set your clock to "turn green" and let you know you can get up or you should go back to sleep, seriously, it's like magic!  While I wasn't too concerned about him learning to tell time, I did think that might be a handy feature when he was older, it also has a regular alarm clock so he could use this for a long time! At 4 1/2, he still uses it every day (it now doubles as a night light for him as well, extra bonus!) I am so glad we found this amazing product by American Innovative.
Recently my 2 1/2 year old daughter started hitting that "I might be giving up my nap" phase (noooooo!) So back to these products I went where I found a 2nd gadget that fit the need for her more specifically.
So there are 2 features of this one that I love for her - she has never been a night-light girl and this one goes completely dark. Although it can be used as a night-light if set that way. (The first one always has the face glow on the clock). So it would depend on your child for which one would work best. But best of all this one has...ding! ding! ding! Built-In Nap Timer. OK to Wake! includes a special built-in nap timer. Press a button to nap for up to 24 hours (fully customizable) without the other clock settings. And, best of all, the nap timer can conclude with the OK To Wake! light, the gradual-wake tone or both!
The only thing I wish were different is that this one only runs on batteries.  Although, it makes it easily portable, we parents already spend way too much on batteries, right? (The Teach Me Time Clock does include a cord or it can use batteries.)
But both of these clocks have been great sanity savers for us and I pass on the info if it might help any other parents out there!
Best of all, American Innovative is offering 15% off purchases for any of their items!!
Enter code PghMom15 at checkout.
Shipping is a flat rate of $5 direct from their site.
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