Monday, July 16, 2012

In Review: Kennywood

This is my 4th summer living in Pittsburgh and....wait for it....I have never been to Kennywood!
I had to see what this park was all about and if it was worth it as a family trip.
{Admission: not cheap.} But kids 2 & under are FREE.
Bottom line: yes!
Our family had the best time and we can't wait till the next time we can go back.
Since our kiddos are 17 months & 3 1/2 we spent most of our time in Kiddieland.
A big benefit of mostly staying in Kiddieland was almost no lines.
Graham didn't have to wait more than 3 minutes for any ride.
That makes everyone happy. :)
 Our little gal loves the thrill of the rides!
The only unfortunate thing was there were only 2 rides that I could ride with her on.
But let me tell you, she giggled the entire time. She loved it.
Graham decided this little turtle roller coaster was everyone's favorite.
We rode it several times!
 Even brave enough to raise his hands. :)
This was the only ride they had to stand in line for, it was a 'big person' ride. It zipped around pretty fast! The boys loved it.

 Eden's other ride - the carousel. It also went pretty fast - G has a death grip on that pole. :)
They both loved it.
 Mommy has a little weakness for the occasional cotton candy.
The kids were quite gleeful about that.

 With 2 little ones, we didn't get to go on any of the big rides.
{I wonder if Kennywood would consider a special admission price for parents who are just there for their kiddos to ride rides?}
I say we bring some other adults with us next time!
 This is intense!
We had the best family night together - so much fun!
I think we might have to make it a yearly event. :)
Thanks Kennywood for a being such a fun family spot.
Go here to plan your visit or buy season passes!
As we're driving out of the parking lot,
Graham says with a sigh.......I miss Kennywood.
Sign of a good time. :)

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